Article: The week that was: Leveraging HiPos in the workplace

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The week that was: Leveraging HiPos in the workplace


Read about the key insights that leading practitioners shared on leveraging HiPos for employer branding.
The week that was: Leveraging HiPos in the workplace

High Potential employees are often at the heart of most strategic conversations in an organization - whether it is to do with executing the company’s goals, identifying future leaders or even in attracting the right talent. In the fourth edition of the HiPo week organized by People Matters in partnership with Right Management, the focus was on leveraging on HiPos as employer brand ambassadors. This years’ HiPo Week had new insights, ideas and action points for the HR community.

The first Masterclass session was held in Mumbai and it brought together senior HR leaders to reflect on the topic. Prashant Pandey, Country Manager at Right Management shared valuable insights from the “HiPos – Your Brand Ambassadors – Survey”. Findings from the survey show that 90 percent of the respondents believe that the HiPo’s personal brand translates into attracting talent to the organization. 74 percent of the respondents believe that referrals provided by HiPo’s stay in the organization longer than referrals provided by other employees. And 42 percent of the respondents promote the organizations’ program in the external world to positively impact the Employer Brand. This Masterclass was followed by a Case Study presentation by Prashant Khullar, Vice President – Human Resources at Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India.  A second Masterclass was held in Gurgaon on the 5th of July, this session helped leading HR practitioners brainstorm and discuss ideas, challenges and paradigm shifts in managing HiPos and HiPo programs. This session was led by Deepa Chadha, Chief Human Resource Officer at Jabong. 

During the week, two engaging webinars were also organized. The first one was on the topic “HiPo – Catalyst to Employer Branding”. It was led by Kunal Wali, Associate Director of Learning and Development at IBM India. He discussed at length about the link between HiPos and employer brand. Prashant from Right Management highlighted the need for the employees to see the long term value in the organization. He also noted that an individual’s own brand helps develop an organizations’ brand. The second webinar was held on the topic “Employer Branding – Invest Inside, Harvest Outside”. This hour-long webinar was led by Prithvi Shergill, Chief Human Resource Officer at HCL, who highlighted the need for employee testimonials to attract external talent. He also noted the importance of providing HiPo autonomy, which creates an environment where candidates wish to work. 

A Radio Show featuring Prabir Jha, Cipla’s Chief Human Resource Officer in conversation with Ester Martinez, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of People Matters highlighted the gap between where organizations stand today and where future opportunities lie in utilizing high potential employees. One such area where HiPos would be instrumental is in the hiring stage since not every recruiter plays an active role in enticing aspiring candidates. 

The future of HiPo and HiPo programs have to contend with changing dynamics even as a new workforce is entering the workplace, organizations are scrapping bell-curve models, the methodology for assessing employees is changing and the skillsets required for the future are still evolving. Join us for an exciting tweetchat on 7th July, 2016 at 5:30 pm that will also summarize the key insights from this year’s #HiPoWeek, click here to register.

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