Article: Trends to rev-up employee engagement strategies

Employee Engagement

Trends to rev-up employee engagement strategies

To keep up the pace with the changing employee engagement landscape, organisations are opting for top-trending strategies to make their workplaces most engaged and productive than ever before.
Trends to rev-up employee engagement strategies

Today’s multi-generational workforce has changed the dynamics of how organisations are looking at employee engagement as a key business strategy to drive performance. Organisations have realised that conventional engagement strategies have turned on its head by a newly 24x7 connected and charged-up generation of workforce. For the organisations, knowing who’s coming to work every day, knowing about their aspirations and how effectively they can engage them in the first 12 months is of prime importance to on board them as ‘engaged’. That results in delivering the key business results in the long term. 

To keep up the pace with the changing employee engagement landscape, organisations are opting for top-trending strategies to make their workplaces most engaged and productive than ever before. 

Let's dig deeper into these top employee engagement trends to rev-up the business growth and performance for global and Indian multinational organisations: 

Meet them where they are

Innovative technologies allow employees to speak and be spoken to with relevance, and relevance leads to better results. They’re accustomed to pulling out their mobile devices whenever they have a spare minute and crave instant, easy access to news, apps, pictures, videos, and statuses – everything at their terms. 

To drive employee engagement with today’s 24x7 plugged-in workforce, accessibility and availability of the information on mobile and social platforms is very critical to the success of any employee engagement initiative. Everything needs to be instant and on real time basis, be it employee birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, celebrations, recognitions, performance rewards or anything which drives engagement. Organisations need to meet them where they are. 

Driven by the torchbearers 

The leadership team and managers have an integral role in driving the success of an employee engagement initiative or program. This does not mean only approving the initiatives or the financial aspect of it but playing a role of a torchbearer and carrying it for the next 12 months or for the program duration.  

The employee engagement program or initiative, in order to be successful, needs to be a part of the culture of the organisation driven by the leadership team. 

Understand them individually 

Employee engagement doesn’t work on the principle of ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ specifically when organisations are dealing with multi-generational and multi-country workforce. It is important to know and understand employees across generations, discuss their career growth, role and aspirations. All employees are unique so are the ways to motivating them to work more intensely. Understanding employees can only be driven by empowering managers to coach and advise their team members consistently and understand what makes each of them engaged and motivated with the work they are doing. 

Bringing everything together 

Another upcoming trend that we have seen in recent times is ‘bringing everything together’ by consolidating all the employee engagement initiatives under one big umbrella program. This includes combining birthdays, celebrations, personal milestones, service anniversaries, wellness, referrals, recognition and rewards – all into one big employee engagement program. This clearly helps the organisation in streamlining the budgets, in communicating the program, in building a culture and also in measuring the success of the program.  

Creating memories through lifetime experiences 

Non-monetary rewards are now extended to lifetime experiences as rewards creating long-term memories in the minds of employees. Experiences such as hot air ballooning, sky diving, fine dining, salsa dance classes, wine tasting, yoga classes, learning photography, etc. – remains with employees throughout their lifetime as stories to be shared with friends, families or even colleagues. The engagement couldn’t only be driven by offering these experiences as rewards but how you make the entire experience easily accessible for the employee. This brings out the highest level of engagement for employees with the organisation and brand they are working for. 

Looking at how technology is evolving at a rapid pace, employees are plugged-in 24x7 for instant information and gratification and rewards efficacy is measured by creating lifetime memories instead of short term cash incentives, organisations need to rev-up their employee engagement strategies basis these recent and upcoming trends to stay ahead in this competitive market to retain and engage the best available talent. 

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