Article: 7 things about Geo-Attendance that you’d like to know

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7 things about Geo-Attendance that you’d like to know

Attendance affects the companys bottom line. Read on to know how HR can keep a better track of the same.
7 things about Geo-Attendance that you’d like to know

Attendance affects the company’s bottom line because the costs to hire temporary workers to fill in for absent employees and the costs to replace and retrain fired employees is usually very high. Poor attendance can result in ineffectiveness, loss of productivity and loss of customers or clients, all of which affect company earnings and profits.

Administration of employee attendance requires several mundane tasks to be completed and loads of paperwork to be dealt with.  These are necessary and critical.  Automating the entire workforce management process is crucial to managing heaps of data better and deriving useful nuggets of information from it.    Attendance tracking is one such task that can be managed through Geo-attendance.  This module seamlessly integrates into other modules of HR like Payroll and Leave.  Using their unique biometric credentials new-age employees can now mark their attendance from their remote workplaces – on the field and from off-sites.  

Features of Geo-Attendance

Eliminates manual efforts to mark attendance: Using user-friendly software systems, manage your workforce more effectively.  This is a robust process with solutions for every business challenge for employees on-the-go.  

This diminishes the manual effort of keeping tabs and calculating shortfalls for the entire company. In turn, since this module is aligned to the Accounts Department, the salary that gets processed is highly accurate.

Effective attendance management: Effective attendance management allows the management to form policies that are aligned with the nature of their business and encourages employees to comply with them.  In addition, it also allows organizations to effectively manage outliers by molding their behavior.

Online attendance marking: The attendance software also allows employees to mark attendance online using the browser, without requiring any hardware based time-tracking devices.

To enforce policy and prevent misuse, you can allow attendance to be marked only with a specific login IP address for each employee (for e.g. from within your office only or certain designated sites).

Employee self-service: Enabling employees to access their own information online or through their smart devices and reducing their dependence on the HR Department results in employee empowerment and satisfied employees. This serves their needs and improves their engagement and experience with the organization.

The employee self-service system lends a lot of clarity both to the employee and to the organization.  Confusion regarding attendance and payroll gets eliminated since the rules are clearly stated and resulting actions and specific details to prevailing deductions taken for a particular day, if any.

Works with any hardware: Most geo-attendance software works seamlessly with any kind of hardware like biometric devices, smart cards etc.  The integration is seamless, effortless and effective.  It brings about a huge change and difference in the way the attendance management process is managed.

Attendance consolidated reports: HR is free to focus on strategic policies and planning when manual and regular work gets automated such as attendance, leave (vacation), holiday calendars and payroll and they also work seamlessly in an integrated fashion.  The results are a smarter system that gives an accurate and complete picture of employee attendance.

It also eliminates duplication of data and efforts, inconsistencies, and confusion, which is common with stand-alone attendance software packages.

Attendance is extremely important

Attendance is among the 10 most valued employee work ethics by employers, according to Tennessee Technology Center at Hartsville.

Work Ethics such as Attendance, Teamwork, Respect, Appearance, and Attitude are expected of a hired employee, although employers are willing to help them develop work skills. Even though training, education, and experience are important, employers increasingly look at work ethics as equally important in hiring or retaining employees. Attendance, like all work ethics, affects the workplace and business.

Managing the millennial workforce is never easy.  Geo-attendance goes a long way in easing HR’s burden of manual processes and heaps of paperwork.  The mantra nowadays is to get on track with Geo-attendance or get left behind!

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