Article: An aligned top team complements the CEO

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An aligned top team complements the CEO

A real team aids effective leadership and is a mechanism for the CEO to run the business
An aligned top team complements the CEO
For any organization or a CEO, top team alignment is the most critical aspect that aids effective leadership. However, it is also the most difficult to achieve. Leadership at different levels is different from aggregate leadership and this is where the difference lies. There is a difference between reporting groups and real teams — reporting groups can be a set of people who report to the same leader, whereas a real team is a mechanism for a CEO to run the business — it is an extension of the CEO and functions collectively to take decisions that a CEO would take. Almost everyone in the top teams have two jobs — their functional jobs (as a department/function head) and their job as the members of the top team. Being a part of the top team is where an individual puts on the business hat and collectively take decisions. But this is where the difficulty occurs. People find it difficult to breakdown the silos and reconcile with conflicting agendas when it comes to their...
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