Article: Culture of care is reciprocal to engaged employees, says Manish Anandani, Kenvue India MD

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Culture of care is reciprocal to engaged employees, says Manish Anandani, Kenvue India MD

Manish Anandani, MD of Kenvue India, believes that when employees are empowered to prioritise their health and well-being, they are better equipped to contribute meaningfully to the organisation's success.
Culture of care is reciprocal to engaged employees, says Manish Anandani, Kenvue India MD

Kenvue, formerly Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, encourages its employees to show up as their authentic selves and embrace what makes them unique. As part of their initiative to build a culture of care where the personal health and well-being of employees are of utmost importance, the company believes that when people take care of their health, it allows them to engage fully in the workplace.

“Our Total Rewards are differentiated to recognise impact. We design our rewards, wellness policies, and benefits to allow as much personalisation as possible to address the diverse, ever-changing needs of our people and make our programs inclusive,” says Manish Anandani, Managing Director-India, Kenvue.

According to Anandani, their Global Wellbeing reimbursement is one such policy that enables employees to pursue activities of their choice focusing on healthy eating, healthy movement, and emotional well-being to personalise their approach to health.

As part of its wellbeing initiatives, Kenvue offers 24x7 mental health counselling to its employees to enable them to strike a harmonious balance between their professional and personal life.

“Our workplaces are designed with a host of facilities to support the overall well-being of our people. We offer healthy eating choices and enable movement through on-site or virtual classes including gym, yoga, meditation, stretching, etc., where we work closely with qualified trainers. We also have in-house health professionals including physiotherapists and dieticians visiting our office spaces regularly to address employees’ physical or nutritional queries.”

The Kenvue MD also informs that they have adopted a hybrid model for the workplace which aims to capture the energy of in-person interactions as well as allow remote flexibility to enable employees to perform their best.

Taking time to rest and recharge is critical for preserving energy, productivity, and mental health, says Andani. “We encourage all employees to avail of various leave policies to rest and recharge as well as maintain an optimal work-life balance.”

Supporting employees at an individual level, says Anandani, enables the entire team to create a fully engaged and performing workforce.

Here are more pointers given by him.

How does the new company enhance employee understanding of the company's mission and purpose?

In May 2023, Kenvue was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), marking the largest IPO resulting from a corporate carve-out in over two decades. We are the world’s largest pure-play consumer health company by revenue, empowering people to live healthier lives, every day. At Kenvue, we are guided by our shared purpose, to realise the extraordinary power of everyday care. Our teams lead purpose-driven work, as they connect and serve approximately 1.2 billion people globally to meet their daily rituals and care needs.

As a new company, it was mission-critical to ensure that our employees truly imbibe what we call the ‘Kenvue Way’; united to realise our purpose and firmly rooted in the Company values. We create meaningful engagement programs to strengthen belonging, collaboration, and teamwork. Our engagement strategy encompasses programs committed to bringing our employee proposition to life. This has been achieved through town halls to encourage dialogue, interactive and informal sessions with our global leaders, and between teams, amongst other pursuits.

What specific initiatives or programs are planned to engage employees in embracing the new company identity?

From the day Kenvue became an independent company, we have taken many conscious steps to ensure that our employees feel connected and engaged and embrace the Kenvue Way.

To imbibe the Kenvue Way, including the company’s new purpose and values, global and market-specific town halls were undertaken, further cascaded through engaging discussions using conversation cards with teams across markets to encourage authentic conversations on who we are, what we want to achieve, and our clear path forward to realise our shared purpose and better serve our customers and consumers.

As we write the next chapter of Kenvue’s history together, every company milestone and achievement has been collectively celebrated by teams across our offices and countries. From the day Kenvue debuted on the New York Stock Exchange, to the launch of Kenvue Founder Shares, introduction of new ways of working, policies, recognition programs, and performance framework, every announcement further reinforced the ethos of the new company and what it stands for.

Additionally, our employees have come together regularly to celebrate big and small wins, participate in team-building activities and initiatives to improve health and well-being as well as a host of other fun activities and experiences to bring Kenvuers together to reflect and experience the new identity. To foster an inclusive environment, we have also created voluntary, employee-led groups to enable employees to lead initiatives that align with our purpose. As we move ahead, we will continue our efforts to strengthen a sense of belonging and meaning to reinforce the Kenvue Way to create high-performing and engaged teams that resonate with the company.

How will you foster a sense of ownership and pride among employees regarding the new company?

This is a special time for our company and also for every employee to be part of the founding team of the world’s largest consumer health company (by revenue) and to shape the future of the new organisation. Our iconic brands like Johnson’s Baby, Stayfree, and Listerine are part of people's everyday needs and daily rituals, earning their place in hearts and homes for generations. Employees know they are making a difference to consumer lives and therefore, feel a huge sense of empowerment.

One of our values reads, ‘We Put People First’. This is reflected in our workplace ethos and directly informs every decision we take. Our employee proposition focuses on Meaning, Belonging, Growth, and Rewards which are embedded in all our programs, initiatives, and performance management. These pillars play an instrumental role in instilling ownership and defining our engagement with our employees to shape their experience working with us, their career trajectory, and create impact.

Our collective success relies on a team member’s individual performance. The results we achieve together, both big and small, accumulate to create a lasting impact on our consumers, our communities, and our world. As a leader of this new company and part of the founding team, we believe that every employee is inspired, proud, and united by a shared purpose and energised to play their part to become a global consumer health leader.

What measures are in place to ensure that the new company identity resonates with diverse employee backgrounds and perspectives?

Behind our iconic brands stand around 22,000 dynamic and diverse team members across the world. Passionate about insights, innovation, and making an impact, our people are the backbone of our business, united by our shared purpose.

We know that our people are what differentiates us in the marketplace and set the heartbeat of our culture. We are creating a work environment where each and every Kenvuer feels a strong sense of belonging. We are committed to inclusivity and have built a world-class, diverse team that aims to reflect the consumers we serve. We harness our different perspectives to have bold discussions and spark innovation.

To foster an inclusive environment, we have also created Kenvuer Impact Network comprising voluntary, employee-led groups. These groups leverage shared identities, affinities, and experiences, providing our employees with opportunities to connect with likeminded colleagues and lead initiatives aligned with our purpose. We believe such initiatives are instrumental in cultivating high-performing and highly engaged teams.

The Kenvue India Women Circle is another dynamic initiative, actively championing gender equality. This group offers tailored-made programs, networking opportunities, and dedicated support for female talent, empowering them to achieve fulfilling careers. Moreover, our commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community goes beyond Pride Month, reflecting our dedication to meaningful, year-round action and empathy.

We are committed to creating a workplace that not only celebrates individuality but also embraces diversity at its core.

How will you address any potential cultural shifts or challenges resulting from the launch of the new company identity?

As an independent consumer health company and a new brand, one of the biggest opportunities has been in ensuring our teams have a strong sense of belonging to the new company. To achieve this, we have focused on nurturing transparency with strong communication channels to ensure that every employee is not just informed but is an integral part of the company’s journey. Further, we have focused on creating meaningful engagement programs to strengthen belonging, collaboration, and teamwork coupled with opportunities for open dialogue.

Another key priority lies in building a distinct employer brand for Kenvue amongst potential talent. To address this, last year, we launched the Kenvue Future Leader Identification Program, a campus initiative aimed to engage the brightest first-year MBA students from 8 select premier B-schools across India. The intent was to engage with these students at the brink of their careers and provide an immersive experience to them from the get-go. Through a gamified experience, students were able to learn more about Kenvue and our iconic brands in a fun and engaging way resulting in an overwhelming response with over 3,000 first-year MBA students participating in this unique program. The top 24 intrepid treasure hunters – the first batch of Kenvue Future Leaders – then participated in a two-day immersive program at the Kenvue India Headquarters and Kenvue’s cutting-edge global manufacturing site in Mulund.

What key metrics or indicators will be used to assess the impact of the new company launch on employee engagement and satisfaction?

As a new and independent consumer health company, we are constantly garnering feedback and insights from our employees to guide our future decisions and areas to improve as we move ahead. Our annual survey has enabled us to gauge employee sentiment both in terms of how they feel about the company, overall experience, as well as other strategic areas including areas like talent development and inclusion. We will continue to take every opportunity to hear from our people to create an environment where we can all be at our best and help contribute to the collective success of Kenvue.

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