Article: Dealing with a Bad Boss

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Dealing with a Bad Boss

A difficult boss who is unpleasant to work with can impact the whole company, causing untold damage to morale, reputation, staff retention and productivity
Dealing with a Bad Boss
Most of us have been in a situation before where we have had to deal with unreasonable and demanding boss — someone who verges on the wrong side of aggressive and demanding. While HR typically tends to focus on this situation more from the boss’s perspective and how they can deal with difficult subordinates, there are far more workers than there are managers/bosses and as such, far more potential for a grievance to occur on the side of the subordinate. The face of a bad boss For generations, going back centuries even, a typical successful boss was seen as a hard, domineering figure that commanded and controlled his workers like an army drill sergeant, displaying ego, a quick temper and the ability to intimidate his underlings. Famously hard and difficult bosses such as Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Rupert Murdoch, Larry Ellison and Donald Trump were all successful in their fields, but many did so at the expense of the well-being and health of their workers with emotional, menta...
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