Article: Expert opinion: Key practices to instill and inspire alignment

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Expert opinion: Key practices to instill and inspire alignment

Leadership is a contact sport and the top team needs to be thoughtful about human relations
Expert opinion: Key practices to instill and inspire alignment
Strong leadership is more than a competitive advantage and it separates the world-class companies from the rest, whether in situations of crisis or opportunity. Today, the role of leadership is to steer companies towards extraordinary levels of growth. However, no steering and acceleration will work if there is no alignment at the top.  In the VUCA environment, an unrelenting focus on talent and leadership is how top companies stay on top. At Aon Hewitt, we strongly believe that top team alignment is both about developing capability of individuals within their own specific leadership roles, and helping the leadership team to be effective as a cohesive unit, who are aware of themselves, conscious of their strong impact on others and have a shared vision and sense of excitement for the organization’s future. Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders build cultures that embody the comprehensive and consistent leadership practices required in todays (and tomorrow’s) VUCA envi...
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Topics: Employee Relations, Culture, #TeamAlignment

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