Article: Five Diwali gifts you can give your employees in 2022

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Five Diwali gifts you can give your employees in 2022

More than going for the traditional way of material gifts on Diwali, employers may focus on something lasting – spreading employee happiness which can, in turn, ensure company productivity.
Five Diwali gifts you can give your employees in 2022

New Age work culture has arrived but the scope of human interactions has not diminished – rather the changing environment has amplified the need more now. Festive occasions remind us more about the importance of heart-to-heart communication between employers and employees. The chemistry gets emboldened during a festival time as grand as Diwali, the festival of lights.

Probably the finest spectacle in India as far as festivals are concerned, the grand occasion marks the time to renew the bond. 

Come October 24, the festival will be celebrated across India and beyond among Indian communities. To mark the festivity, office premises and houses are decorated with candles, earthen lamps, and bright colorful rangolis. More than material gifts, emotional well-being, feeling of care, safety and security may matter more to employees.

It is also a time to resolve to make the office environment happy. Business and HR leaders feel the need to focus on ways to create a vibrant and inclusive work culture. In the business world, it is crucial to make your employees feel valued and cared for. In this special video, People Matters share ideas to create an inclusive work culture.

Gifting empathy and flexible work culture 

Empathy is not at all a new concept. There has been an emphasis on the term while describing good leadership traits. The subject has become a top management priority now. Empathy at the workplace is a crucial component of emotional intelligence and leadership skill which improves human touch leading to more trust.

Creating a flexible work culture can be a perfect gift for business and HR leaders to their employees this Diwali. It’s a known fact that flexibility is no longer limited to just work-from-home format. The new and existing employees prefer flexible locations and hours. Allowing employees to work at their convenient time can do a world of good as it increases productivity. Gradually, the need for a ‘flexible work module’ is being felt by leaders and emphasis is being laid in recruitment advertisements. It is a well-known fact that good company culture is vital for business growth.

Prioritising two-way communication, a hearty talk builds trust

More than any material gift during Diwali, pledges to make the work environment happy for employees should matter most to the. To bridge the gap between staff and management, there should be two-way communication through an online meeting or telephone conversation. One-on-one dialogue opens the channel of communication and a hearty talk can often shed differences. An email interaction might not be fruitful to develop an engagement between employees and management.

Adding the human touch to increase the happiness quotient 

Long-term success hinges on forming relationships with employees. Creating a stress-free and happy workplace spurs productivity. A recent survey conducted by ITC Fiama in collaboration with NielsenIQ released on World Mental Health Day revealed that 57% of millennials believe that mental health issues have a significant impact on their performance at work. According to them, work pressure, lack of work-life balance, and having a difficult boss are some major stress factors. Such findings indicate that poor mental health can have an ill impact on the workforce and it is necessary to take a proactive approach to mental wellbeing within their organisations.

Leading by example is a key – honesty and authenticity are a must

It is said that there is a difference between a manager and a leader. "Managers do things right. Leaders do the right things." 

As a leader, part of your job is to encourage staff around you to push themselves to succeed. In turn, the company leaps to greatness. 

HR and business leaders need to lead by example, though it is not an easy job. Leaders should constantly question themselves if their actions help their team members to prepare for their next professional help. Leaders also need to focus on improving their behaviour toward their colleagues and be an influencer and inspire them to achieve their professional goals. Additionally, leaders should be active listeners, honest, trustworthy, and have integrity.

Making employees feel cared for through recognition and feedback

To keep your employees motivated and inclined towards work, regular feedback and recognition must be part of regular communication.

Diwali is an occasion to share and care for! It provides a day’s relief from the busy and cut-throat corporate life where everything is hard to achieve. it’s your time to decide - how can you do much better for other people around you. If leaders can make their teammates happy, it would help them to achieve more in return. Diwali is a perfect occasion to get closer to people, and with all these ideas, you can achieve them. 

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