Article: Mahindra: Grooming its Employees

Employee Relations

Mahindra: Grooming its Employees

Mahindra regularly upgrades the skill of its employees to make them stand out in the crowd
Mahindra: Grooming its Employees

To keep large companies running, with a high number of employees, involvement of the workmen in decision making is necessary


Business no longer has an infinite life. To keep large companies running, with a high numbers of employees, involvement of the employees (both blue and white collar) and their ownership is necessary. We have seen a number of examples where companies cease to exist as they are unable to take this crucial step into consideration for their growth. We need to train our employees and make sure they have the right skills for the job. Every employer needs to ensure the safety and security of their employees and does not necessarily need government or union interventions for the same. As an organization, taking into account the thoughts and ideas of employees is as important as their technical skills. We need to develop an environment where the employee not just focuses on his work but also contributes to the growth of the company and hones his/her own skills. To this end, engagement of the workforce is of prime importance and we run a number of programs to bring it to life. Few of them are enumerated hereunder:

Employee Satisfaction Survey

We conduct employee engagement surveys at the management level as well as the workmen level, to assess the employee morale and to bring to light any issue that he/she might be facing. For work-men the frequency of survey is once in two years. These surveys are conducted on an online system, set up by corporate team, where all levels of employees input their preferences on a 70 question long survey. The results not only helps us gauge the satisfaction level of the employees, but also work as a performance report for leadership effectiveness. Over the last few years, we have managed to get a consistent 4 star rating (on a 5 pointer scale) which translates into almost 80 percent employee satisfaction. Not only this, we wish to work on improving this number year-on-year, with an action plan being made every quarter based on the feedback received.

Young Mahindra Program

Our workforce consists of 50 to 60 percent of Gen X and Y. Hence, keeping the Millennials engaged is of prime importance. Young Mahindra Program is the forum where youngsters participate to form a parallel governing council. Here, they debate on company issues and come up with solutions, while also participating in cultural programs and conduct initiatives. Their recommendations are communicated through various programs that we run and are duly noted by senior management.

Rise i4 Ideation Program

Mahindra has a Rise i4 ideation program where teams and workmen are encouraged to give ideas on improvement under the parameters of PQDSM (P-Productivity, Q-Quality, D-Delivery, S-Safety and M-Moral). Every week, two hours are especially allotted for ideation for all teams where they can brainstorm and discuss about how to bring about better productivity, reduce cost, increase safety at their stage and sustainable operations. Points are given on the basis of these parameters and there is a central competition for the best ideas given. There is a visible projection of the participants in front of the entire sector which serves as a great recognition platform. There is also an encouraging rewards and recognition program for the workmen inside Mahindra Group, where they are awarded on the basis of their ideas by Sr. Management.

Man of the Month & Man of the year

On a monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly and yearly basis, each product unit has a ‘Man of the Month’ which is an employee that stands out. The achievements of this individual are highlighted with the team and his/her family is invited to join in the celebra-tion. This recognition is not just limited at plant level but also at the sector level where we ensure to felicitate his/her spouse too for their success. Hence this doubles up not only as a recognition platform but also as a family engagement opportunity for Mahindra.

Mahindra Skill Competition

Every year, across the world there is a World Skill Competition wherein Mahindra has been participat-ing regularly. Last year one of our employees got selected and he travelled to Germany to participate at the international level and this year too we have another who would be participating at the competi-tion being held at Brazil. We as a company have also started the Mahindra Skill Excellence Program. We have identified the five core skills for our business and hold competitions at 2 stages every year.

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Vijay Kalra, SVP, manufacturing Operations, Auto Division


Vijay Nair, VP-ER, Auto Division & Head-AFS Administration, Mahindra & Mahindra

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