Article: Hiring trends & significance of maintaining employment relationship in 2019

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Hiring trends & significance of maintaining employment relationship in 2019

Highlighting the essential elements and principles that shall be adopted for today’s Gen Z and Millennials Workforce.
Hiring trends & significance of maintaining employment relationship in 2019

As per the recent WEF report, India moved up six places to rank 34th on world travel and tourism competitiveness index, driven by rich natural and cultural resources and strong price competitiveness. The Indian hospitality industry has been one of the key contributors to the nation's economic growth. Despite the recent economic challenges faced by the hotel and tourism industry owing to increased airfares and other macro-economic factors, the sector displayed steady growth in terms of hotel development and job creation. For hospitality sector, it is highly essential to have skilled professionals who understand the business thoroughly and can create an overall memorable experience for their guests and overall stakeholders. This further generates better organizational growth and leads to a surge in demand which will enhances the company’s capacity to increase rooms and diversify its portfolio  Below are some examples that can be implemented to overcome the challenges ahead of today’s hospitality industry recruiters:

Bringing in the right talent mix

Employers, today, are faced with a multiple challenges while finding the right talent for a balanced ecosystem. This can be attributed to the rising millennial workforce, for who it is imperative that companies evolve and build an ecosystem which is relevant while demonstrating a progressive culture. For the millennial and Gen Z population, it is imperative to have a work culture that encourages openness and flexibility. As the leaders of the industry, one must ensure that the company has embraced this tidal change by having a culture that is not bound by the traditional hierarchical norms.

In present day, the industry is also dealing with hiring right talent due to massive gap between education, apprenticeship and actual skills required for the job. To overcome this barrier, it is essential to adapt skill development and on-the-job training programmes for personnels. The organization’s hiring process must be designed keeping in mind a complete integration of our potential colleagues’ expectations with the organization’s culture. As a means of ensuring that fresh recruits are the right cultural fit, management can adapt to BEI (Behavioural Event Interviewing) framework and the STAR Model (Situation, Tack, Action, and Result). 

Step-up – for an ‘existing employee-first’ company! 

It is essential to provide avenues for employees to grow and build upon their skills and offer “Step-Up” programs that allow coworkers/colleagues the opportunity to grow within the organization. Such programs help in addressing changes in career goals and aspirations of colleagues. It has also proven to be favorable in cementing their loyalty to the organization as well as have a positive impact on retaining employees. Building a solid base by designing skills training helps in creating an edge for the existing employees leading to a sense of personal growth hence building a more efficient and involved  workplace. In return, implementing such practices help the organization build an inclusive and strong work environment. Over the last year, we have successfully placed 05 colleagues via this portal.

Encouraging flexibility, freedom, diversity

According to the 2018 'Deloitte Millennial Survey', in which 10,455 millennials across 36 countries were polled, millennials seek a leader who is committed to making a tangible impact in the world, also someone who prepares their organization and employees to drive societal and economic change. Brands these days, believe in promoting a progressive and non-biased work environment. For example, HR needs to introduce policies which enable employees to work in an environment free of bias and inhibitions. For gender sensitization, brands can introduce gender-neutral freshrooms as a part of their infrastructural change to create awareness and a sense of inclusivity among team members.

To stimulate growth, diverse perspectives should be recognized, supported and advocated creating an inclusive culture within the organization which in exchange enhances the external engagement and networking. The take away is that today’s companies need to encourage diverse leadership for exchange of unique perspectives and innovative solutions to foster growth.

Access to healthy choices

In today’s times, it is important to provide compelling benefits to retain talent. A simple thing like enabling access to healthy snacking at workplace, reassures the employees that the organisation addresses their health and lifestyle.. Nowadays, organizations even extend daycare and housing benefits/services at no cost by tying up with local businesses. Other important benefits like stress management workshops, mediclaim insurance, maternity benefits also help business to reiterate the fact that they encourage their colleagues to take care of their health by partaking in various activities that management conduct for them.

The above elements help an organization in staying ahead of the curve and build a workplace for tomorrow. In today’s fast-paced, constantly evolving and dynamic environment, hospitality industry demands passion and motivation at each level of the organization and these benefits just ensure that it enhances the overall services to guests leading to strong business growth. Empowering professionals through integrated policies and advancing equality at the workplace helps boost morale and strengthen the overall faith in the organization.

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