Article: Is your team Aligned?

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Is your team Aligned?

It is not capital, not technology, not strategy. It is an aligned team that brings the strongest competitive advantage any company can have
Is your team Aligned?
Alignment is something that a team has or it doesn’t. It is a multi-faceted concept. So how do organizations construct uniform teams that are strategically and operationally synchronized & coherent about goals and accountabilities? Heroic leadership is a passé! It is time for non-positional leadership that aims to impact, influence and inspire through broader engagement and ownership. And for achieving this, having an aligned top team is paramount — every leader needs a real team for support and validation in decision-making and in strategic execution of those decisions — a real team that is a combination of the right people, a compelling direction and collaboration. It is indisputable that top teams are critical to an organization’s success; yet, only a few top teams get it right!   It is generally observed that the CEO, senior leadership and the tier of next-level functional heads usually excel as independent individual runners of their own ...
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