Article: What’s the ‘new parent leave’ policy of CA Technologies?

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What’s the ‘new parent leave’ policy of CA Technologies?

CA Technologies is all set to create an example on how companies need to adapt to the changing dynamics of their employees family life by introducing family friendly benefits.
What’s the ‘new parent leave’ policy of CA Technologies?

CA Technologies’ Vice President (People Business Partner) for the Asia Pacific and Japan, Melinda Walsh, says that “As part of our continued commitment to employee health and well-being, CA Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of this exciting new parent policy which will enhance our existing portfolio of family-friendly benefits.” With the company’s presence spread across offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia; it will now offer all employees (male and female) a minimum of 12 weeks paid leave. This applies for both birth and adoption of the child.

Showcasing a real good example on employee well being, CA Technologies exemplifies the meaning of ‘support and flexibility’ for their staff of all gender. This new benefit will provide great flexibility in determining how they want to care for their child during the first 12 months. The eligibility criterion for this new policy is that the new parent must have 12 months of service at the date the child is born. And for adoptive parents, the eligibility need to be mapped when the child is matched or newly placed with the new parent.

This new parent leave policy is being considered a good strategy to help attract and retain the diverse, experienced workforce of the APAC region. It makes for an attractive option for working mothers and fathers. Additionally, CA Technologies is known for many family-friendly policies; out of which one unique one offered is the best-in-breed Pet Benefits for employees’ fur babies! You may prefer to call it ‘Pawternity Leave’ for ease of reference. Under this program, an employee can take up to 3 paid day offs while one gets a new pet and another 3 paid days if one is faced with a loss of their beloved pet. The ‘parent-pet’ bond time is another way CA feels will help to develop family-friendly benefits to make the company a greater place to work.

Such a progressive and forward-thinking approach to bring in employee work-life balance will surely help a company in creating a more inclusive culture. Recently, CA Technologies has re-launched its health and wellbeing strategy across its 2,500 employees in EMEA region. They have penetrated and expanded their offering to include mental health and resilience components instead of just focusing on physical health. As per Kristen Prohl, “It is critical for CA to be proactive and creative to stay ahead of the curve. I am always asking, ‘How can we do things better? How can we do things differently? What are the current best practices, and how do we stack up?’” And such philosophy is applied for internal employees as well as for business as a whole. The business future looks bright for CA. Its €600 million acquisition of Austria-based business and IT automation software provider Automic, and another $614 million acquisition of Veracode; speaks for itself.

So, mum’s and dads’ get ready to work for a company that recognizes, appreciates and honors one’s commitment for not only their businesses but also their current employees and future generation!

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