Article: 3 ways HCL Technologies brings its employer brand to life

Employer Branding

3 ways HCL Technologies brings its employer brand to life

Showcasing ideapreneurship and using gamification are some of the ways the company showcases its employer brand
3 ways HCL Technologies brings its employer brand to life

Here at HCL Technologies we have always believed in putting our employees in the driver’s seat in order to unleash their true potential. This belief, in fact, defines our business philosophy - Employees First, Customers Second.

As part of this “employees first” principle, we strive to attract and foster employees who believe in something we call “ideaprenuership”. We define ideaprenuership as the attitude or ability to drive grassroots-based, business-driven and customer-focused innovation in an entrepreneurial environment.

In order to make sure that our prospective job candidates and current employees embody this tenet, we spend a lot of time working on our employer branding. Here are the 3 strategies that are giving us the desired results:

  1. Taking our employer brand to colleges in India
  2. Showcasing ideapreneurship through LinkedIn
  3. Using gamification to increase new hire engagement

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