Article: What is Aditya Birla Group's key to develop agile leaders

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What is Aditya Birla Group's key to develop agile leaders

The commitment to innovation and empowering employees has helped the Aditya Birla Group to stay agile, focused, and at the top of their game.
What is Aditya Birla Group's key to develop agile leaders

Company Name:  Aditya Birla Group
Established: 1857
Total number of employees: Over 120,000
HQ: Mumbai, Maharashtra

A US$ 42 billion corporation in the league of Fortune 500 organizations, propelled by over 120,000 employees, belonging to 42 nationalities and spread across 35 countries, Aditya Birla Group represents a veritable blend of rich heritage and contemporary modern people practices. The Group’s Employee Value Proposition is ‘A World of Opportunities’, built around 4 pillars. It includes opportunities for building: great careers; continuous learning along with a strong meaningful life beyond work and connect with a larger social purpose.

The Careers could transcend beyond the single role pursuit to exposure to global businesses and multifaceted task forces. The commitment to people development has been tangible, demonstrable and sustained in the group’s agenda for over two decades. This commitment is well institutionalized at all levels of the organization through systematic processes and more importantly, through personal attention and involvement of the senior managers and top leadership.

The Group has been extensively focusing on diverse talent. One of its initiatives includes making the Group an ‘Aspirational Workplace for Manufacturing Professionals'. As part of this, properties and platforms to showcase technical excellence and innovation were created at six manufacturing centers. These brought together manufacturing professionals belonging to other companies as well as students from technical institutions to explore the excitement manufacturing careers offer. 

The program ‘REPRISM’ is an example of an internal platform for the technical workforce that brings together entry-level and young employees, who compete with each other across businesses and showcase their innovations. Over 1100 innovative ideas have been received, reviewed and celebrated. 

The Group also runs the ‘Global Manufacturing Leadership Program’, a mid-career program for manufacturing professionals that aims to accelerate the development of middle and senior level talent to prepare a pipeline of exceptional manufacturing business leaders who can take on challenging roles.

An internal ‘Manufacturing Talent Council’ has been set up to review talent in the manufacturing function, define career paths and interventions that could accelerate development.  

The ‘Engineering Leadership Program’ focusses on sourcing young talent for the entry-level technical roles from institutions that provide technical education. 

The Group’s service businesses in the Telecom, Financial Services, and Retail have already been acknowledged as Best Employers in their respective sectors as have been several of its overseas Group companies, in their respective home countries. 

One of the many other ways in which the Conglomerate develops a pipeline of agile leaders is the 2X2X2 approach, wherein capability-building is undertaken by leveraging the natural ecosystem offered by a large Group. High-potential employees are given exposure to work in 2 functions, 2 geographies, and 2 businesses in order to chart alternative development models for themselves. 

For the Group, its key business drivers remain innovation, productivity, and global excellence. This, alongside building the cultural edifice of empowering employees to take their own decisions, tolerating failures, encouraging risk-taking and providing technology-based tools to be customer and market responsive, has helped it stay agile and at the top of its game. 

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