Article: How is Aegis creating a workplace that creates prosperity

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How is Aegis creating a workplace that creates prosperity

Happy Employees, Happy Customers and Happy Shareholders, the mission statement of Aegis enables the company to put employees at the core of all its people practices
How is Aegis creating a workplace that creates prosperity

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Company Name: Aegis Customer Support Services Private Limited 
Established: 1992
Total number of employees: Over 40,000
HQ: Mumbai, Maharashtra

With enviable employee engagement and attrition rates in an industry that has been traditionally volatile, Aegis’s mission statement, a triad of equity ‘Happy Employees, Happy Customers, Happy Shareholders’, helps the company to put employees at the core of all its people practices. 

Aegis implements a four-point strategy — a sense of purpose, involvement of employees in CSR activities, enthusiasm and ownership, to ensure that employees enjoy and learn at work. The HR vision at Aegis of ‘Creating a progressive workplace that enables partnership for prosperity’ supports the company to institute innovative best practices and programs in the realm of new hire orientation, people practices, rewards and recognition policies, talent engagement programs and talent development programs. The company’s employee engagement framework comprises 14 distinct parameters like Performance Management, Career Development, Training, Rewards and Recognition that are driven by a strong sense of purpose, ownership, leadership, and social responsibility. These parameters encompass every stage of the employee life-cycle at Aegis, right from hiring to their retirement. 

The internal job posting platform at Aegis has resulted in the internal movement of nearly 6,900 employees in the last five years, 1,700 of which have taken place in the last one year. The ‘Global Talent Exchange Program’ has facilitated extensive movement of talent across borders and geographies. The comprehensive hexagonal model of diversity at Aegis supports the inclusion of people with disabilities, genders, mature age, socially and economically disadvantaged, culturally & linguistically diverse, and indigenous people. The employee value proposition (EVP) of Aegis, ‘Get-Set-Go’ caters to the end-to-end talent needs of the organization and appeals to a diverse workforce as it provides guidance with a progressive and enabling learning environment. 

Diversity and inclusion practices at Aegis are framed with a focus on improving employee gender ratio, catering to the needs of differently-abled, along with attaining generational, economic, social, cultural and linguistic inclusivity

Aegis takes great pride in enhancing the capability of its employees and helps employees achieve their desired career progression and success, even if that means exploring opportunities beyond the organization. 

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