Article: Best Employer 2.0, SAP Labs India

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Best Employer 2.0, SAP Labs India

The company focuses a lot on a right balance between early talent and experienced talent
Best Employer 2.0, SAP Labs India

SAP Labs India, Industry: IT Product Development, Year of Incorporation in India: 1998, Total number of Employees: 4,647, HQ City: Bangalore


As market leader in enterprise application software, SAP helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. Positioned in high-tech centers around the globe, each location in the ever-expanding SAP Labs network has the flexibility of a small company.

“We take pride in our human resource policies, employer branding programs and innovation initiatives all leading to creating products that benefit our customers,” says Anirban Dey, Managing Director, SAP Labs India, adding “we believe that by taking care of the people, the processes and policies will take care of themselves.”

The management focuses on three things: Multi-disciplinary workforce, diversity (gender and technical background) and mix of early talent and experienced talent. One of the things that the company focuses on is the right balance between early talent like graduates, or people with one or two years of experience and experienced talent who have been with the company for some time. Lately, the company has adopted the Design Thinking approach, which requires multi-disciplinary people to come together to understand a problem and solve it.

Bhuvaneshwar Naik, VP-HR, says, “Our people and organizational strategy is fitted clearly into our business strategy. With many innovative and industry leading HR initiatives like employee benevolent fund and game changing diversity and inclusion programs, we have firmly built an organization that cares for its people, is sustainable in its programs and passion to deliver value to our customers.”

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