Article: Best Employer 2.0, TAFE

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Best Employer 2.0, TAFE

TAFE has a cross-functional approach as a regular practice and not just limited to specific projects
Best Employer 2.0, TAFE

Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, Industry: Manufacturing, Year of Incorporation in India: 1960, Total number of Employees: 2,056, HQ City: Chennai


I enjoy working with the team as it is a very nice blend of experience and youth. We have strong loyalty and low attrition rate. About 70 per cent of our people are below 30 - Mallika Srinivasan, CEO, TAFE


Tractors and Farm Equipment (TAFE) is the third largest tractor manufacturer in the world, and the second largest in India by volumes. Discussing TAFE’s areas of people focus, TAFE’s Chairman and CEO Mallika Srinivasan said, “We have primarily focused on three areas – alignment, approach and leadership development. The entire TAFE team is clearly aligned to a common vision and direction. Our employees take ownership of adhering to our core values and strengths by articulating and institutionalizing it to further our value proposition. The transformation of our vision into reality is achieved by using a cross–functional approach to plan and implement all our major projects. We encourage and foster leadership development at all levels.”

Muthu Kumar Thanu, Group CHRO, TAFE, said, “There are 150 cross-functional teams which involve over 1,000 employees. This team usually has about six to eight members from different functions with one member as the team leader. The cross-functional approach is a regular practice here and is not just limited to specific projects. Our vision is not just a set of mere words; it translates to how we project our business worth three years from now. With employee loyalty on the rise and high retention rates, we are confident that we are headed in the right direction.” “It is interesting to work with a team that has a fair balance of experience and youth,” Chairman Mallika Srinivasan added.

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