Article: Best Employer 2.0, Wells Fargo India

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Best Employer 2.0, Wells Fargo India

The people connect philosophy serves as a conscience keeper for the HR team
Best Employer 2.0, Wells Fargo India

Wells Fargo India Solutions Private Limited, Industry: IT & IteS, Year of Incorporation in India: 2006, Total number of Employees: 3,820, HQ City: Hyderabad


The organizational structure at Wells Fargo is that of a circle with employees and customers at the centre. The organization does not believe in hierarchies and therefore, everything that the organization does is focused on employees and customers. The company believe in “one Wells Fargo team member experience,” and this translates into everything that an employee does. The organization continually endeavours to drive a philosophy called “People As Competitive Advantage” or PACA. As an organization, Wells Fargo takes an inordinate amount of effort in hiring the right kind of people. Once on board, the organization supports their development so that each individual contributes to growth of both the organization and the individual. The people connect philosophy serves as a conscience keeper for the HR team. This translates into behaviors for the organization, whether they are talking to candidates for a job or how a team member interacts within or outside the organization.

Wells Fargo believes that people are the competitive advantage for the company and everything about the company is centred on them. Shubhayu Sengupta, Senior Vice President, Human Resources at Wells Fargo India Solutions, says, “While aiming to be a professionally run and high performing organization, the company is serious about having an open culture, which is not based on hierarchy, but grounded on relationship.” Connect to the brand is a key component of the employment value proposition and the organization takes efforts to drive pride. Wells Fargo is not very different in India as it is in the US, except for a few operational changes customized to the market. Aveek Mukherjee, Managing Director, Wells Fargo India Solutions, says, “Our competitors can copy our products and systems, but they cannot copy our culture.” When the company hires leaders from diverse places and at different hierarchies, driving a uniform culture comes across as a big challenge. They have a program based on the philosophy of Wells Fargo way of managing. Any new manager either hired or promoted undergoes a program called NEMO. A large emphasis of the program is the way of doing things at Wells Fargo. Values and visions are the core components of NEMO and all other subsequent programs that managers go through along the course of their careers.

Mukherjee adds, “We believe in grooming people into accepting failures. Unlike other employers we do not believe in the principle of ’one is as good as the last job’.” The firm values loyalty and believes in judging people based on their contributions and credibility built over a period of time.

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