Article: Why DHL believes that investing in people is imperative for the org

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Why DHL believes that investing in people is imperative for the org

The success of people policies at DHL lies in the companys belief that investing in people is imperative for a service organization
Why DHL believes that investing in people is imperative for the org

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Company Name: DHL Express India Pvt. Ltd.
Established: 1979 in India
Total number of employees: 3000 
HQ: Mumbai, Maharashtra

For a global leader in logistics industry that employs over 500,000 people in over 220 countries and territories, the strategy to ensure that employees and leaders are aligned towards the common goal of customer satisfaction is unique. At DHL India, the focus strategy for the business revolves around being an employer of choice for its employees, to be a provider of choice for its customers, and to be an investor of choice for its investors/shareholders; these tenets are intricately intertwined with the two guiding principles that have defined DHL’s culture — Respect and Results. 

DHL India has undertaken several initiatives and programs that have allowed its employees to derive great benefits. ‘Umang’, one of the most popular programs, encourages its front-line employees to complete their higher education through DHL’s support where the company not only reimburses the tuition fee, but also extends a monthly allowance to cover employee expenses, and weekly leaves to study adequately. An extension of the same initiative is ‘Upstairs’ that funds the education of the children of selected employees. DHL has a number of innovative programs and initiatives to increase engagement levels. “Appreciation Week” is a yearly exercise wherein each employee takes the opportunity to thank colleagues, customers, or supervisors who have helped them to reach their present levels of success. DHL India has also launched a mobile application called ‘As-One’, keeping the millennial workforce in mind. The app allows the sharing of updates and pictures from events, trainings, and celebrations and also acts as a direct interface with the company HR. 

DHL’s ‘Umang’ initiative provides opportunities for front-line staff to complete their graduation or post-graduation studies, with DHL reimbursing their fees

With over 60 percent of DHL employees being front-line in operations and delivery, the organization has achieved process maturity with remarkable ease by keeping employees happy and motivated. Frontline operations are the focus of every process and policy in the organization and that has been key to ensuring employee satisfaction. The company’s attrition rate is one-third of the average attrition rate in the industry.  

The success of people policies at DHL lies in the company’s belief that investing in people is an imperative for a service organization. DHL has developed a strong employee feedback mechanism, with regular internal and external employee surveys that help in identifying areas of improvement in policies, practices and building up knowledge of policies.

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