Article: Startups increasingly being preferred: TimesJob study

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Startups increasingly being preferred: TimesJob study

More people today prefer startups to established organizations, points out findings of a latest survey.
Startups increasingly being preferred: TimesJob study

More people are willing to leave jobs at established companies and work in a startup than they were a year ago, points out a media report.

According to the TimesJob startup study, which covered 900 professionals and with work experience ranging from 0-2 years, 55% of the professionals surveyed are opting to work with startups in 2017. This is against 60% of professionals which had stated a preference for working with larger and more established organizations over the last two years.

According to findings,

Professionals who wish to work for startups:

  • Tech Professionals (90%)

  • Accounting/finance and admin professionals (70%)

  • HR professionals (58%)

The top reasons for working with the startups were as follows:

  • Scope for growth (40%)

  • Work closely with the management (20%)

  • Autonomy (10%)

  • Work flexibility and variety (10%)

  • Flexibility (20%)

Metros and Tier I and Tier II cities

  • 65% of the professionals from metros opt for startups

  • 40% from Tier I and Tier II opt for startups

While, 75% of the men surveyed opted for startups, as against 60% women.

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