Article: Trust in employees can curb attrition

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Trust in employees can curb attrition

Industry leaders shared that trusting in employees, not micro managing them and giving them a platform to explore can curb attrition.
Trust in employees can curb attrition

Senior industry leaders suggest that employees are the biggest assets for any organization. One needs to believe the statement to make the most out of it, said, Gazal Kalra, Co-Founder, Rivigo. 

Talking about the talent growth and its importance in the current scenario, the panelists said that companies need to hire in a balanced manner. In the last one year, different sectors across the industry witnessed a huge amount of layoffs, which has affected the brand image of companies. Kalra was sharing her thoughts on the topic- ‘The Talent –Growth Conundrum : CXO perspective on nurturing a high-growth, high performance culture’, at TechHR India 2019 in Gurgaon.  

Experts believe that every organization needs to put a cap on hiring and they should hire for quality and not quantity. Kalra said that in a growing company, talent profiles change instantly. "It is more about the process and scaling up of different talent profiles. Many companies go on a hiring spree once they receive some additional funding. Instead, they should question every hire and the impact in long run and come up with a robust hiring system in place." 

She said, “Companies should hire less than required. One should get aspirational people who like and thrive on challenges. If you need 100 people, then select 80, these aspirational candidates will stretch themselves and deliver well.”

HR leaders should understand that their role is not a mere support function but it’s a core function. Kalra insisted that HR is not just Human Resource, it is an Organization and Business Engine (OBE). It is the engine powering growth in people and executing business as well. 

Do’s and Don’ts Xiaomi’s 

Muralikrishnan B, Chief Operating Officer at Xiaomi took the microphone and asked everyone present at the audience to pronounce the brand name and he was surprised that half of the people said it correct. He said, “I wasn’t expecting this, it’s good that you people know.”

The idea of this question was to know how familiar is the brand among people and what it takes to make a familiar brand in a short span of five years. 

With a team of 900 members across the country, the Chinese brand is doing everything to make sure that they stay relevant to people. The company created ‘do’s and don’ts’ which serves as the philosophy to stay ahead in an environment of cut throat competition. 

Xiaomi's COO said, “Catch your talent at a very young age. Trust them, empower them and give them responsibility. Believe me, they will surprise you.” He also asked leaders to encourage people to make mistakes but ensure that they don’t repeat the same mistake and recognize their effort. 


Muralikrishnan shared that 'office culture' plays a very significant role in the company and all HR leaders should look for cultural fitment first. The second most important thing that HR leaders need to avoid is micro managing people. They need to understand that they have hired smart people and micro managing may not turn out well. 

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