Article: Fast-growing HR and WorkTech startups that made a mark at People Matters TechHR India 2022


Fast-growing HR and WorkTech startups that made a mark at People Matters TechHR India 2022

This year at People Matters TechHR India 2022, we had a diverse line-up of the best HR and WorkTech startups such as, TalentSpotify, TRST Score,, Veremark, SenseLoaf Technologies, Swageazy, Aspire and OpenOffers that focus on talent attraction and retention.
Fast-growing HR and WorkTech startups that made a mark at People Matters TechHR India 2022

The HR technology landscape is currently undergoing a revolutionary change across the world. The platforms which helped facilitate remote working have elevated from optional to essential for survival of organisations. Since several trends have started coming crashing together in work tech, the evolution has become more prominent. As a result of this, colossal shifts are taking place in the HR department to advance technology designs to meet the changing needs of employees.

With platforms such as, TalentSpotify, TRST Score,, Veremark, SenseLoaf Technologies, Swageazy, OpenOffers and Aspire, organisations get the opportunity to find the best candidates for the role they are looking for based on skills and compatibility without wasting too much time on interview or shortlisting. At People Matters TechHR Startup Program India 2022, entrepreneurs, investors and VCs got the chance to understand the products developed by these startups at the exhibition demo space zone, along with brainstorming sessions, networking and accelerating their way to the next investment round. 

Apli: Virtual work experience based proof of work platform

Launched in 2022

Founders: Shivam Tiwari and Anuj Pandey

Apli is a virtual work experience platform which helps companies to showcase their job roles to candidates with the help of workplace job simulations. Currently, Apli is the only such platform in the world where candidates can immerse themselves in the company's job experience and really experience "How is it to work in their dream job roles" before even applying to the job. Founded in 2022, Apli rolled out job simulation technology which saves 93% candidates deprived of opportunities to work with companies and enables them to make the right career decision. Apli talent solution also helps companies to build a passive pipeline where they already have screened candidates trained on company requirements before even getting started with the hiring process.

TalentSpotify: A platform providing the best talent management experience for companies 

Launched in 2022

Founder: Aneel Kumar Bonu

Currently, there are several firms that are tired of using traditional employee performance management tools. TalentSpotify is a tool that will help such organisations in increasing employee motivation, transparency in reviews and self-management. Founded in 2022, the platform performs these tasks by combining behaviour science (Psychology) and data science (machine learning and Artificial Intelligence).

TRST Score: World's only employee trust score platform

Launched in 2021

Founder: Sudhakar Raja

Specialising in HR, SAAS and Trust Score, TRST Score is a venture that was created to be like a credit score, except it is a rating of employees' trust. Quite often companies get affected by untrustworthy or unethical employees. The advent of credit score changed the entire financial services industry. Similarly, TRST Score is adamant to change the way hiring is done to dissuade unethical behaviour of employees. TRST Score is effective in reducing bankruptcies of companies, who otherwise suffer silently. Live coding interview software with built-in video calls

Launched in 2019

Founder: Rahul Arora is a remote interview tool to take programming interviews with audio and video calling facilities. The platform enables tech companies to hire programmers faster with live coding environments. The employer can watch candidates code live and test their skills to ensure every hire is the best hire. saves time by eliminating the need to create questions and enables the employer to have in-depth discussions.

Veremark: Employee screening and hiring

Launched in 2018

Founders: Daniel Callaghan and Daniel Braithwaite

Veremark works in the space of employee screening and hiring. The company’s aim is to enhance positive outcomes of the hiring process. They also work towards improving candidate experience with the help of an efficient, secure method of screening with respect to existing as well as prospective employees. Veremark differentiates itself from other screening agencies by integrating itself into the client’s hiring workflow. They also provide intuitive and perceptive reports which are easy to understand as opposed to the conventional complex ones that have been the industry norm. Veremark’s career passport, protected by advanced blockchain technology, is a very important document that candidates can easily transfer from one employer to the other throughout their career. Career passport helps provide up-to-date employer information to new and existing employers.

SenseLoaf Technologies: Data intelligence is the refined fuel of the future

Launched in 2018

Founders: Prakhar Agarwal and Gautam Khurana

‘If data is the new oil, data intelligence is the refined fuel,’ this is what SenseLoaf Technologies, an emerging artificial intelligence organisation, believes in. Since its inception, SenseLoaf Technologies has been rethinking the application of AI with the aim of supporting talent management and serving the human resources domain. Their proprietary technology has a wide application across many industries, be it HR, manufacturing, legal or even health. Basically, in any place where large amounts of data needs to be processed, SenseLoaf Technologies has just the products for it. Products from SenseLoaf Technologies fall under four main categories: deep AI recommendations, semantic AI matching, deep AI skill intelligence and intelligence CRM. The company wants to solve recruitment problems by providing efficient and innovative solutions, elevating the entire talent experience in the process.  

Swageazy: Get your gear right now

Launched in 2021

Founder: Sameer Wahie

Amazon, Coursera, Byju's, Cardekho, Infeedo – the one thing all these successful and diverse organisations have in common is their association with Swageazy, a young startup that makes the process of creating customised merchandise easier than ever before. With Swageazy, you can select from a wide range of options on the firm's platform. In the next step, Swageazy provides customers with on-the-spot pricing, removing all doubt and confusion regarding the pricing aspect. You then provide Swageazy with your company’s logo and in less than 24 hours, they provide you with the mock-ups. All that is left then is the delivery of all your “swag”. 

OpenOffers: Scan and be sure

Launched in 2021

Founder: Ayushi Rungta 

When you visit OpenOffers’ website, it asks you the most basic and pertinent questions that are gnawing away at every employers’ mind: How does it feel when a candidate doesn’t show up on the date of joining? OpenOffers works in a simple four-step process. Companies sign-up on the website, verify their corporate email account and activate the account. Next, you can sign in and upload offers to register a new candidate. OpenOffers then goes on to scan if a  candidate has made a conflicting commitment to another company in a similar timeframe. And then you get a notification, on a confirmed event of conflicting commitment made by the candidate. OpenOffers helps companies make their hiring decisions in a very efficient and well-informed manner. 

Aspire: Meeting employee aspirations at scale

Launched in 2019

Founder: Krishna Prasaad

As soon as you open the website, a question forms asking if your employees are still unhappy after rewards, bonuses and hikes. Aspire was created with the vision to meet aspirations at scale and enable workforces to stay for longer, lead better work-life and eventually grow within organisations through the formation of unique workplace habits. The solution has been known to help cultivate workplace habits that reduce attrition, improve L&D, regularise rewards and recognition, optimise systems and processes, increase productivity and performance and improve workplace satisfaction. From defining problem statement to curation of habits, gamification of habits, rewards redemption and perform review and support, Aspire encompasses diverse features aimed at solving employee-related problems for business impact. 

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