Article: Fostering the entrepreneurship spirit in a 9-5 job


Fostering the entrepreneurship spirit in a 9-5 job

What is intrapreneurship and how does it work? Read on to know more.
Fostering the entrepreneurship spirit in a 9-5 job

Today, more than ever before, the dynamics of the workplace are changing. Workstations are open and so are minds. Hierarchical lines are blurring and there is just a thin line that makes the crossover from employee to entrepreneur. And suddenly, you have the world waking up to an all-new term in HR parlance – Intrapreneurship. So, why not? It is now the need of the hour to foster our dynamic growth, change and innovate. Intrapreneurship extends this opportunity to develop one’s leadership skills while inspiring change. 

Intrapreneurship practice

At Saint-Gobain, we have always been agile to adapt to an evolving business environment, even while being strongly rooted to our core belief system. We recognize that, if the organization has to keep pace with the times, employees have to be ahead of their times. One way to do so is by providing them the opportunity to transcend their role as employees and excel as entrepreneurs. Thus, intrapreneurship is nothing but attributes of entrepreneurship showcased by employees within the organization.

If we look at it this way, employees get the security of a salary while being able to explore the excitement of entrepreneurship and without the risk of investing capital. That is a huge opportunity that one can capitalize on, as it brings on board immense exposure to what entrepreneurship entails. 

The fact that organizations like us are creating a platform for employees to double up as entrepreneurs reflect on the evolving employment scene which is lessening the self-imposed divide between employers and employees.  

This also means more ownership & accountability, enhanced decision-making powers, better ability to take risks and a greater sense of belonging for the employees. 

Intrapreneurship involves:

  1. Acting as if it were one’s own company

  2. Setting ambitious goals and going after them

  3. Getting things done: demonstrate ownership

  4. Be agile and adapt to a rapidly developing business eco-system

  5. Take risks, experiment, fail fast and recover quickly

  6. Be open to new ideas

  7. Connect the dots and be ready to spot opportunities 

In effect, intrapreneurship is an invaluable opportunity that all employees should invest in. It is a fine platform that presents itself and it is up to the employees’ own interest and inclination as to how best they utilize it.  

Seize the moment now!

It cannot come at a better time as it manifests itself right in the course of a 9-5 workday. The important thing is to push the envelope and steer clear of one’s comfort zone. More than anything else, it is a lesson in learning for life, one that will always stand in good stead. So, every employee who is looking at making the shift to an entrepreneur, the time is now. Seize the moment and give yourself a new designation – intrapreneur par excellence!

The Saint-Gobain Group in India is the recipient of the Top Employers Asia Pacific 2018 certification, assessed and acknowledged for excellence in employee conditions across its various locations in the Asia Pacific. The certification demonstrates Saint-Gobain's compliance with HR Best Practices around the world. By aligning itself with the highest HR standards, the company has not only benchmarked itself among an elite global community of employers but has also paved the path to personal & professional development for its employees.

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