Article: Meet these emerging HR and WorkTech startups at People Matters TechHR India 2022


Meet these emerging HR and WorkTech startups at People Matters TechHR India 2022

People Matters TechHR India 2022 is back and so is TechHR Startup Program. This year, we have a diverse line-up of startups such as Equip, PerspectAI, Personifwy and Global Talent Exchange that focus on one of the most important key areas today - talent attraction and retention as organisations are grappling with new realities with great resignation and war for talent.
Meet these emerging HR and WorkTech startups at People Matters TechHR India 2022

Amid several disruptions that are set to determine the future of work, many organisations are bringing about innovative ways of attracting new talent while retaining existing talent, one of the biggest worries for leaders, thinkers and CHROs today. To bridge the gap between candidates and recruiters and help all involved to find the best fit, several startups have entered the game with the right solutions. 

With platforms such as Equip, PerspectAI, Personifwy and Global Talent Exchange, organisations get the opportunity to find the best candidates for the role they are looking for based on skills and compatibility without wasting too much time on interview or shortlisting. And for all those entrepreneurs focused on finding solutions in a similar space, People Matters TechHR India Startup Program is the ideal place to understand the product at the exhibition demo space in startup zone, brainstorm ideas with who’s who of the business world, network with some of the most renowned investors and VCs of India and even accelerate your way to your next investment round. 

So, join us at People Matters TechHR India 2022 conference at Leela Ambience, Gurugram on August 4 and 5 and get to meet these emerging HR and WorkTech startups. Get inspired by their learning journey and explore new possibilities for the world of work!

Equip: The quickest way to assess candidates before hiring

Launched in 2021

Headquarters: Bengaluru

Founded by Jayanth Neelakanta

Key problems addressed: Many applicants per job, lack of expertise in assessing applicants, fragmented assessment platforms

Have a job role in mind? Create an assessment in minutes with Equip! This platform helps recruiters conduct pre-hiring assessments across multiple skills so that they can spend time interviewing the best prospects. If you use their pre-built tests, creating an assessment should take you less than two minutes. Just share the assessment link with your candidates. While they take it at their convenience, you get the results in real-time. This startup has thousands of questions testing skills at different levels and uses AutoProctor, which has hosted millions of proctored exams to date. And don't worry about candidate cheating as this startup claims to have conducted over 12 million tests in two years.

PerspectAI: A game-based assessment platform for 21st century skills

Launched in 2016

Headquarters: Hyderabad

Founded by Jignesh Talasila

Key problems addressed: Boring and lengthy assessments, long and tedious screening process, quick and actionable insights on candidate-job fit

PerspectAI is an instant screening and assessment platform leveraging games, video and AI. PerspectAI helps organisations discover the true potential of candidates using their proprietary GDP model- game science, data science and people science.

Using robust psychometrics, they break-down the most relevant 21st century skills into measurable cognitive abilities, personality traits, work motives, emotional intelligence, and communication skills. While their fun and engaging games offer great candidate experience, their bias-free AI and algorithms provide multi-dimensional insights for employee productivity and retention. 

To identify the right talent, HR leaders will look for solutions that help them predict on-the-job performance of the candidates and hire the ones meeting the success criteria. And PerspectAI helps organisations with these insights. It is on a mission to bridge the potential to performance, making employment meaningful for both companies and individuals.

Personifwy: Conversational AI for enhancing talent experience from hire to retire

Launched in 2021

Headquarters: Bengaluru

Founded by Neha Mathur and Debi Kar

Key problems addressed: Resolves the fragmented approach of people data with analytics to ensure real-time insight to action

Personifwy is a conversational AI platform that enables managers and HR leaders through early insights, nudging them to increase candidate and employee engagement

While 92% companies are prioritising employee experience, the real need is to interpret people's voice into insights. Lack of it causes increased attrition, poor productivity and high drop-outs, leading to revenue leakage, which results in increased costs and negative brand image.

Personifwy is an end-to- end platform that captures the entire workforce lifecycle from hire to retire. With its insight to action capability, it offers a personalised digital assistant to every individual and enables leaders with the ability to draw real-time actions to areas of concern.

Global Talent Exchange: Helping NRIs explore career opportunities in India

Launched in 2020

Headquarters: Bengaluru

Founded by Avinash Bichali and Yadunandan MB

Key problems addressed: Addressing emerging tech talent shortage by mapping niche skilled NRI talent to India.

Global Talent Exchange (GTX) is a global tech recruitment platform that brings gamechangers – businesses and talent – together. With India emerging as a global technology hub amid rapid digitalisation, e-governance is expanding the scope and scale of what technology can do and technology companies are on the lookout for outstanding talent with the rarest of skill sets that can help them realise their vision.

The platform enables talent around the world to explore opportunities, and move across geographies seamlessly. It specialises in NRI talent relocating to India, from personalising the right opportunity for the niche skilled to ensuring a cultural fit with the organisation.   

Whether you are a talent leader or entrepreneur, People Matters TechHR Startup Program is the right place to learn about emerging startups and cutting edge HR tech solutions. Register now

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