Article: Emerging HR leaders: ABC of the new age HR

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Emerging HR leaders: ABC of the new age HR

The winners of the ‘Are You In The List?’ Awards are declared. And these are the emerging HR Leaders of a new age people function. We find out how these future people leaders will bring to life the new age HR!
Emerging HR leaders: ABC of the new age HR
The most important thing to remember about what businesses expect from the people function is that today, people are the most important competitive lever that a company can have. People disrupt industries.People disrupt companies. And it is only people who can innovate and execute strategies. Business plans get the ball rolling. But what really creates sustainable superior performance is the intangible magic of a winning culture – an aligned team and engaged individuals. But who makes this wining culture? Who engages this team? It is the leadership team and the strategic role that HR plays that does the trick! In today’s context, the expectations are different, and HR has to transform to meet the expectations of this new reality. In this article, we reflect and find out the ‘ABC of the new age people function.’ In this ABC, the ‘A’ stands for ‘Accelerator’, which is the radical shift from just partnering with the business to being an equ...

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