Article: Tapping the Potential by giving the Right Exposure

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Tapping the Potential by giving the Right Exposure


Right Management in conversation with Rajeev Bhadauria, Director Group HR – JSPL on HiPo identification, notification and development and RoI measurement
Tapping the Potential by giving the Right Exposure

Q. Who is a High Potential?

Bhadauria: A person who is considered as a high potential may actually be the one who has been able to retain 10 to 12% of his/her potential. A person with low potential might as well be the one who has only realized 5 to 6 % of his potential. Human Potential is more like an iceberg, only one tenth is visible to the outside world. So in a specific work environment relatively speaking, people who display a bit more awareness and hold on to their potential can be seen as High Potentials.
If this potential is identified through any means whatsoever including a development center, it becomes a measure of realization for the organization as well as the person. In fact, the person himself is the one who can realize his real potential. For example, in the Johari window, there is a blind spot; your job is how you are able to reduce that blind spot. In an organizational context, this could mean an individual who has been able to display potential in his given role or function; and it is visible to the organization, can be called a high potential.


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