Article: HR solutions need to have global relevance

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HR solutions need to have global relevance

The key challenges in the HR space are two-pronged. Firstly, communicating with talent within the organization; and secondly, talking to talent outside. Both require different skillsets and mindsets.
HR solutions need to have global relevance

The first challenge is mainly a result of scaling. Today large organizations, like Zydus, are spread across regions. The workforce is multi-lingual and cross-cultural. Thus, there cannot be a mono-lingual way of communication.  Also, this is age of real-time communication and instant gratification, and the workforce relies on social and mobile media. So to communicate with them, to train and develop them, organizations require services that can scale to the requirements of this geographically distributed workforce. It is a challenge to find solutions that address global sensitivities and context. The second challenge is to find the right talent as it is becoming scarce and expensive. Most search firms today do not add any value beyond brokering. So, at Zydus, we rely on our own Talent Acquisition team to map talent and engage with them. But, we have moved up the value chain and work with partner organizations who run assessment centers for us. Post this, our BEI trained leaders interview the potential employees. All our talent decisions are based on Assessment Centers: whether for external recruitment or for internal growth. We believe this is a specialized skill and hence needs to be outsourced. It also ensures absence of bias and fairness.

While service providers are trying to digitize their expected delivery, not much evolution is being witnessed in the current phase. Often, the providers do not add any real value to the services. Today, many of the solution providers come with a solution in mind and do not seek to understand the need of the customer.  They don’t spend time navigating through the organization, understanding its landscape and what it takes to create an organizational fit. They already have an end in mind; they know what they have to sell, and they try to fit your problem to meet their solution. This is one of the biggest challenges that buyers face while partnering with vendors. It is important that real partnerships get created wherein vendors spend quality time even when they do not have real assignments on hand. That they understand what will work and not work. HR initiatives do not fail because they were bad in isolation or in absolute terms. They fail because the partner and HR departments did not completely understand the stakeholders.

In talent acquisition, Zydus is looking to work with a few partners who are doing great work in terms of integrating various social media platforms, recruiting and managing solutions that are cutting edge. Start-ups, especially, are doing good in this space because they come with competitive pricing, skill development modules and they are agile, niche and responsive to customer needs. Learning Agility of our service provider is an important differentiator for us. 

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