Article: A journey towards a flexible and more impactful HR

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A journey towards a flexible and more impactful HR

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Read on to know how Rivigo adopted a technology that supported organization's growing pace and needs of the organization.
A journey towards a flexible and more impactful HR

Rivigo is one of the fastest and safest cargo service companies with the largest serviceability in India. The company’s goal is to make logistics human , faster, safer and more efficient. With their presence across 29000+ pincodes, high-tech truck fleet and committed truck pilots, Rivigo has indeed marked a dent in the field of logistics.

HR at Rivigo:

The HR function at Rivigo is aptly named and treated as The Organization and Business Engine (OBE) of Rivigo. The OBE team at Rivigo comprises of passionate culture ambassadors who are building an immensely strong organization for the future. OBE drives all people initiatives, be it talent acquisition, culture development, L&D, change management, or building scalability towards creating lasting business impact through lean, smart and driven teams. 

To achieve these goals, Rivigo has inculcated the culture of ownership and accountability where every employee is called an owner and is treated as the CEO for his/her job. Hence, hiring exceptional talent that raises the bar of the team is of utmost importance at Rivigo. Candidate assessment is not the function of the technical skills and expertise required for the job but also Rivigo Leadership Principles (RLPs). 

Akin to Rivigo’s DNA, these principles define the owners at Rivigo(employees) and govern their actions in all critical moments of truth.

HR Tech Vision:

Rivigo, being a technology-based company, understands the significance of technology and treats HR as the backbone of the business.  Rivigo is a performance-oriented organization that understands that success does not rely on the inner workings of human resource management processes but rather by making better evidence-based workforce decisions using a sound workforce analytics tool, and equipping managers (and leaders) to manage the workforce in the most efficient manner. Technology at Rivigo’s HR function that support rather than hinder the effectiveness of managing talent should be simple, easy to access (mobile) and allow for faster, more accurate decision-making.

The vision is to evolve as an institution and not just a startup which means building a strong, systematic, technology and process driven, stable set-up which can be a benchmark for every organisation. Marching towards this vision Rivigo identified the role of right technology at the workplace and thus, wanted a system which is not people but process-dependent, and at the same time flexible to meet the ever-changing needs of the sector. 

Pre-Implementation Scenario:

Rivigo was using a Global HRMS provider which was not able to keep up with the growing pace and needs of the organization. It had challenges to solve for Rivigo’s context and different complexities and was just another transactional HRMS. Some of the major challenges faced by Rivigo with the existing technology included:

  • Managing a dispersed and distributed workforce
  • Tracking attendance of off-site employees
  • The functionalities of the existing technology was limited against the growth of companies. The technology was not adaptive to the growing demand.

The HR Team at Rivigo then decided to reconsider the choice, and look for a more user-friendly, functionally-deep & new-age technology solution to drive their talent initiatives to partner well with the business. Rivigo being a dynamic organization wanted changes to be incorporated in the system very quickly. Ability to customize and personalize the system according to the very fast evolving needs of the business was a priority and Darwinbox being a very comprehensive and flexible platform, aligned with Rivigo’s HR Tech Vision, helped Rivigo make the decision swiftly. 

Why Darwinbox?

One Rivigo is a belief which stands for equality at Rivigo, which means everyone is treated as equals irrespective of the kind and scope of work for the organisation. With the vision for “One Rivigo” the need for an intuitive, unified HRMS solution was identified which can be used throughout the organisation, across all verticals and levels for the complete employee lifecycle needs.

Rivigo’s decision making criteria was based on three major factors:

  • Pace: The system’s ability to move alongside Rivigo at the same pace
  •  Agility: High potential of the system to undergo transformation at a dynamic level when the environment changes
  • Simplicity: The ease of use, intuitive UI of the product to provide for a better employee experience and engagement.

Darwinbox was recognized as a system which can solve for various complexities, and the simplicity of the product was highly appreciated across different verticals of Rivigo.


The new technology was implemented in as short as two months for 1700+ employees. For Rivigo, the first step was to identify the problem statement and define the objectives and functionalities for the new system. The HR Tech Team at Rivigo developed a business case for a new-age solution to utilize the human capital potential at Rivigo to the fullest. After a thorough discussions across teams with a diverse range of perspectives, experiences and seniority levels, inputs were collected to ensure that all objectives and needs related to the new solution are met, and hence they created a project plan for the transition led by the HR Head. 

After an exhaustive analysis of different solutions, Darwinbox was selected based on its ability to solve for various complexities, and simplicity of the product. A pilot test was run with extensive training for small units of the population, and soon different modules were transitioned successfully for the entire organisation.


Best in-class customization and localized restrictions: Rivigo could customize the portal as a one-stop HR solution for all employee needs. The employee data through the lifecycle, organizational policies and other company information were made available with finest customization and restrictions. 

Talent Analytics: The new-age system served as the data backbone for the HR analytics function which helped the internal HR team to perform a detailed analysis and monitor employee performance, attrition, benefits and other talent metrics

Robust Performance Management: Darwinbox enabled Rivigo to conduct smooth performance reviews for every employee with a high degree of variability on type of assessment depending upon the role and seniority of employee

Digital processes to reduce manual effort and errors: The intelligent system helped Rivigo to automate most tasks which not only helped save more than 30% of time, but also ensured elimination of human errors (s<0.01%) and has removed drudgery from the HR function which enabled them to focus on greater strategic initiatives in making Rivigo an institution

Digitized Attendance Tracking: The Geofencing implementation across the organization and its adherence reports has empowered Rivigo to keep a check on leakages to the tunes of crores. Within 2 weeks of the go-live there was 100% adoption for leave and attendance module among all employees.

Heightened Adoption: The system has approximately 85% daily active users. 100% adherence and adoption of Darwinbox mobile app was identified. 

Employee Engagement Tracking: The mood analyzer takes input from employees on first login each day which has helped Rivigo gauge the engagement level of employees and do interventions accordingly

Adherence to FNF Timeline: Highly Customizable Workflows have helped reached 100% adherence for timely FNF


At Rivigo, our vision was to become a strong institution, driven by systems and processes, which will last beyond our lifetimes. Darwinbox helped us in this journey towards building a high-performance culture which started with our ability to track and measure individual and team performance, enabling self-services and contextual workflows for the most efficient OBE processes. With Darwinbox, we have been able to customize the software to make it more relevant to Rivigo by resolving various complexities with agility and sharpness. It ensured our decisions are accurate and data-driven by building a strong employee data infrastructure. Transitioning from human resource management to human capital development requires equipping people to take ownership of their work’s outcomes and help them channelize their energy to what really matters – removing drudgery. Investing in technology helps you do just that. Without this technology, human capital management remains administrative, but the business deserves more insights from the HR function to realize the true potential of the function, enabling it to become a business engine.

Gazal Kalra, Co-founder, Rivigo

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