Article: An organisation's ability to swiftly adapt to newer technologies depends on how well-oiled its L&D machinery is

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An organisation's ability to swiftly adapt to newer technologies depends on how well-oiled its L&D machinery is

In a conversation with Ravi Kaklasaria who is Co-Founder and CEO of edForce, we explore the evolving landscape of learning and upskilling and how companies today are building the right learning experience
An organisation's ability to swiftly adapt to newer technologies  depends on how well-oiled its L&D machinery is

How have you seen the learning paradigm evolve in the post-pandemic business ecosystem? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our everyday life and how we conduct business, collaborate and make decisions. It has also significantly impacted the learning paradigm that has thoroughly evolved - Live Online and Virtual Classes have become the norm instead of limiting learning to classroom sessions. This shift is not just practical and scalable but cost-efficient too. As per LinkedIn Research, Workforce Upskilling can be accelerated by up to 240% by leveraging Live Online Training (VILT). Just like everything else, along with its advantages, this shift has its share of cons, such as challenges in learner engagement, management and administration, and provisioning of labs, to name a few.

In the ensuing hybrid world of work, what role do you see robust learning programs play today in enabling organisational agility and business success? 

As the industry moves towards hybrid working, organisations are increasingly investing in robust learning programs to retain their talent and to keep their workforce production-ready. An organisation's ability to swiftly move from one technology to another, based on customer demand or changing technology landscape, depends on how well-oiled its Learning, Development machinery is. In today's ever-evolving VUCA landscape and unprecedented adoption of hybrid working, businesses' are leaning on accelerated workforce upskilling for their success. And to augment their upskilling capabilities, organisations big and small are increasingly engaging workforce upskilling companies for all their learning needs - training, certifications, new hire onboarding, assignments, assessments, infrastructure, etc.

What are the critical factors today in ensuring employee experience is prioritised while creating impactful skilling programs?

Companies must keep several factors in mind to ensure an impactful employee experience in an Upskilling program. First, such programs should focus on flexibility in consuming the learning content. Second, there is an option of executive training which is gaining popularity. Third, regular feedback and readiness from various trainers are essential to ensure the perfect learning experience is provided at the right time. Finally, a reduced turnaround time that promises to align delivery to our client's business has to be customised.

Curating state-of-art impactful Upskilling programs is an art. It also took a lot of thought and time to keep these factors aligned while designing courses at edForce. As a result, our Upskilling programs revolve around the core aspect of an immersive learning experience. This ensures quantifiable outcome-based learning, which includes NPS scores and beyond. 

How can edForce's range of learning programs enable companies to kickstart their skilling journey right from the beginning? 

Training has always been complex. With remote working, behind each training lies a world of uncertainties – trainer, learner engagement, labs, LMS, content, reports, and cost. Our clients need a team of experts who can manage & administer the programs, run attendance, assessment, assignments, and feedback and ensure completion. 

Every learning program that edForce provides is crafted to enable companies to kickstart their skilling journey right from the beginning to every stage in an Upskilling lifecycle. Every client coming to us has a different approach and requirements. From Cost, turnaround time, and NPS score to Learner engagement, all have been blended perfectly in all our programs.  

We ensure that our customers get Accelerated Workforce Upskilling by providing turnkey learning solutions for all their learning initiatives, thus reducing their Total Cost of Learning (TCL).

What future innovations are you planning to bring into the learning platform to ensure its relevance in helping companies create value and upskill employees?

edForce is investing and working on an Upskilling Platform designed bottom-up for the future of learning. To enhance the learner experience, it will have an AI-based learning and engagement engine that will customise the learning path per the learner's skills and abilities. Additionally, the platform will provide advanced features, like enterprise-Reporting, Analytics, and Business Intelligence, to provide critical insights to the stakeholders and decision-makers. Additionally, the AI syndication engine will collate relevant content from various sources to provide a rich learning experience to the learners.

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