Article: Artificial Intelligence – Is that a job killer?

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Artificial Intelligence – Is that a job killer?

The same technology that makes life simpler also puts someone out of a job. But when people learn to work with machines, the possibilities are endless
Artificial Intelligence – Is that a job killer?
She heads HR for one of the largest banks and now has a difficult mandate to execute. She has had to shut down a branch in a small city because that branch is no longer profitable. The reason is automation. Many of the jobs in the bank that were once being done by humans have been handed over to robots or “bots” as they are called.  "Is Artificial Intelligence a job killer", I ask her.  She protests. "The bots have been programmed in-house in our innovation lab. The innovation lab has added jobs.” She tells me that we cannot run away from the future. The future of the bank is bots doing all the work and being supervised by a single person. You can bank on AI. AI taketh with one hand and giveth with another albeit with a caveat. The jobs that are being automated often lie at the lower end of the skill pyramid – those that need basic education and cognitive sophistication.  The jobs that tech is now creating are plenty. But they all need higher ed...
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