Article: Building the business case for HR technology

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Building the business case for HR technology

Gathering data is an important part of making a strong business case. Find out what else you need to measure.
Building the business case for HR technology

For long, HR function has been tagged as a support function. It has always had the need to prove themselves as a profit centre. While it’s only quite recently that business leaders have started to realize the real worth of “people being the core” behind business success, HR, for the time being, would still be needed to bring in tangibility behind any initiative. Building a business case for technology, hence is the only way to bring about this objectivity and tangibility.

The challenge

  • A clear sense of data around how many HR team members are spending how much time on non-value added tasks is the first thing that’s needed. It’s a challenge to collect such data and that proves the need to have a robust technology wherein such tasks can be clearly monitored. 
  • The other challenge being the threat to lose people since HR may be asked to shrink their size with the advent of newer HR technology. 

  • The third, and the toughest, to assess how much self-service can be imposed in the organization which clearly calls out for Business benefits and ROI behind a business case

What to measure?

Get data on how Employee Engagement scores across Business Units. See how much time line managers are actually spending with their employees on Performance Management or Talent Development related activities alongside the effectiveness of the same from an employee’s perspective. All these parameters should go into assessing what new Talent technology solutions can offer to bring the best of Line Managers time and increased Employee Engagement. 

The business leaders need to be educated on the ease of operations and streamlined processes as an outcome of confluence between ERP, HR and Finance. The benefits are immense and we have enough tangible used cases from our customers to testify it. 

As Oracle is in the business of IT Transformation, we are abreast of the latest technology trends and innovations. We have specialized teams who can advise clients on these trends and innovations in the context of HR functioning.

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