Article: Data - the reason for next 'employer-employee' turf battle

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Data - the reason for next 'employer-employee' turf battle

HR will have to walk the tightrope to balance the need for credible data-based insights of employees versus the employee desire to safeguard their privacy at work and off-work
Data - the reason for next 'employer-employee' turf battle

As we enter the digital age which powers the new workplace revolution, I believe that technology will factor the three most important HR trends in 2018:

Embracing technology

There is no doubt emerging trend of working in organizations, as well as the way people work, will be largely influenced by technology. Technology will not only shape the nature of demand for goods and services but also define the “need to know and learn new skills” for people at work. While the disruptive technology itself will be engendered by the innovation of the human mind, the reliance on “artificial intelligence” will paradoxically, challenge the very deployment of “human mind” and “skills” in creating “economic value”.

In this vortex of technological change, HR will have to provide the platform to employees to learn and acquire the smarts and skills to leverage the technology and create products and services not yet known to humankind.

Creating the cherished work experience for Gen Y and Gen Z

In this paradox, the new organization will evolve at a rate faster than its earlier avatars. As Gen-Y and Gen Z enter the employability population, the expectations of people from work will also see a radical change as we would have never seen before. The organizations that consciously design a positive employee experience, for the complete life cycle of an employee, will be the winning organizations of the future. HR will have to treat employees as “consumers” and “keep them hooked” to a unique employer proposition.

The war for employee data

We all have been hearing how human analytics will provide a competitive edge to organizations. Is this easier said than done? Within organizations, there is bound to be more discussions about privacy and data ownership. As part of their effort to improve people analytics, organizations are capturing more and more data of their employees. There are numerous new instruments available that can capture people data real time, and use it to give an indication of the mood in various parts of the organization. With the proportion of Gen Y and Gen Z set to increase in the organization, there is likely to be a growing resistance as employees are likely to wonder what is in it for them. Employees are willing to share data if the benefits are clear. Protecting data may be the next “employer-employee” battle turf, as employers look to deploy technology to surreptitiously glean employee interests, intent, intensity and inhibitions which may form the basis of important decisions like deployment, development and delineating the career growth.

HR will have to walk the tightrope to balance the need for credible data-based insights of employees versus the employee desire to safeguard his privacy at work and off-work, from an increasingly technologically well-equipped employer. 

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