Article: Embracing digital excellence: The success story of Akrivia HCM and APAR Industries Ltd.

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Embracing digital excellence: The success story of Akrivia HCM and APAR Industries Ltd.

Embark on a transformative journey with APAR Industries Limited and Akrivia HCM, as they redefine HR operations through innovation and collaboration. Explore the evolution from manual to digital excellence and witness the strategic roadmap for the future.
Embracing digital excellence: The success story of Akrivia HCM and APAR Industries Ltd.

In the ever-evolving landscape of HR technology, the collaboration between APAR Industries Limited and Akrivia HCM stands as a symbol of innovation and transformation. Established in 1958 in India, APAR Industries has matured over six decades into a diversified $1 billion entity, gaining trust globally as a premier manufacturer and supplier of conductors, transmission cables, speciality oils, polymers, and lubricants across 140 countries. Amidst this rich history, APAR embarked on a quest to modernise its HR operations, paving the way for a strategic partnership with Akrivia HCM.

Before embracing Akrivia HCM, APAR Industries faced a complex web of offline processes, decentralised practices, and a lack of standardisation across its diverse business verticals. Kirti Patkar, AGM-HR, vividly recalls the myriad hurdles they faced. "Digitisation, standardisation, centralization - these were the pivotal challenges plaguing our HR landscape," she reflects. The absence of a unified system compounded issues, ranging from offline recruitment processes to cumbersome paperwork, jeopardising the adherence to standard HR protocols.

Strategic Objectives: Crafting a Roadmap for Transformation

Before committing to Akrivia, the first step of APAR was a thorough examination of their existing challenges and an exploration of industry best practices for a growing organisation. Kirti elucidates their approach, “We meticulously compiled these insights into a comprehensive document. The subsequent phase involved a market survey to identify a product or software solution that aligns seamlessly with our requirements and organisational objectives.”

This journey led them to engage with multiple vendors, seeking product demonstrations to assess the compatibility of each solution with their unique needs. To ensure a judicious selection, APAR conducted extensive background verifications, incorporating feedback from various sources, including vendor-provided references and our independent assessments. The due diligence process extended beyond virtual evaluations. Recognising the significance of a face-to-face understanding, their team visited the on-site office of Akrivia. This is because they recognised the importance of firsthand experience in comprehending the office environment and company culture, as well as meeting with key stakeholders, including promoters.

Additionally, a critical aspect of the assessment involved scrutinising the financial stability of the selected vendor. This pre-finalisation groundwork was instrumental in mitigating risks and ensuring a comprehensive understanding. APAR’s meticulous approach, from industry benchmarking to on-site visits and financial evaluations, exemplifies their commitment to making informed decisions in selecting a partner as critical as Akrivia HCM.

Standout Features: Catalysing Change

The allure of Akrivia HCM lies in its transformative features tailored to address APAR's unique exigencies. One standout functionality was the auto-shift identification feature, particularly crucial for employees navigating dynamic shifts in a manufacturing plant. Kirti expresses her appreciation, stating, "Akrivia's auto-shift identification proved to be a game-changer, offering a rare solution in the market and significantly simplifying the complex task of managing shifts efficiently."

Furthermore, Kirti emphasises the seamless alignment between Akrivia's performance management system and APAR Industries' established processes and structured framework for Performance Management Systems (PMS). In her words, "The resonance between our expectations and Akrivia's product offering was striking, making it an ideal fit for our needs and significantly streamlining our performance management processes."

In addition, Kirti lauds Akrivia's Recruitment and Management System (RMS), recognising it as a standout solution that not only streamlined but also simplified the critical aspects of recruitment and onboarding.  While evaluating these standout features, the promise of post-implementation support emerged as a cornerstone of their decision-making process, underscoring Akrivia's commitment to their success. 

Navigating Implementation Challenges: A Triumph of Collaboration

Implementing Akrivia HCM across APAR's sprawling network of locations and diverse businesses required brainstorming and extensive collaboration. Kirti recounts the journey with candour, highlighting the concerted efforts to standardise practices and integrate disparate systems. "The phased approach, coupled with meticulous planning and collaboration, was instrumental in navigating the complexities," she asserts. Akrivia's Setup Book served as a guiding compass, streamlining the assimilation of diverse requirements and paving the path for seamless integration.

The implementation, as Kirti Patkar describes, was akin to orchestrating a symphony across geographically dispersed offices and distinct business units. It required bringing HR coordinators, administrators and HRBPs from various locations and businesses onto the same page. Standardisation became a focal point, and Akrivia's Setup Book played a pivotal role in noting down and implementing diverse requirements. The phased approach ensured a systematic and efficient rollout, covering employee master, leave attendance, appraisal, and recruitment management systems in the initial phase. Additionally, this standardisation also had to skillfully balance the different processes across regions, incorporate the necessary changes and get the sign-off from all the offices. 

The Impact: A Paradigm Shift in HR Dynamics

The impact of Akrivia HCM reverberated across APAR's HR ecosystem, catalysing a paradigm shift from manual to digital excellence. It marked a qualitative evolution in HR practices, setting the stage for a future-ready, digitally empowered workplace. One of the most notable impacts was witnessed in the realm of Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) claims. A process once entangled in paperwork complexities was streamlined into a user-friendly, one-page digital form. This not only simplified the claim process for employees but also reduced administrative burden, exemplifying Akrivia HCM's prowess in redefining and optimising traditional HR workflows.

The automated confirmation processes emerged as a strategic boon, alleviating HR of the tedious manual follow-ups associated with employee confirmations. Akrivia HCM's efficiency in this regard expedited processes and contributed to the broader initiative of reducing HR-related burdens. This transformation elevated the system's operational effectiveness and played a strategic role in reshaping and optimising critical HR functions.

The introduction of automated notifications for birthdays and anniversaries further demonstrated the system's impact on fostering a positive work environment. Kirti reflects on this, stating, "The Akrivia HCM system brought about a considerable reduction in paperwork and manual interventions. Beyond the operational enhancements, it played a pivotal role in fostering a culture of efficiency and transparency within our HR operations."

Charting the Future: Expanding Horizons

Looking ahead, the partnership between APAR Industries and Akrivia HCM brims with promise and potential. Kirti envisions a roadmap marked by continuous evolution and expansion, with the imminent implementation of payroll modules paving the way for subsequent phases. "Phase three holds the promise of complete digitisation, heralding a holistic transformation of the employee lifecycle," she affirms. The partnership epitomises a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, propelling APAR towards unprecedented heights of success.

The roadmap outlined by Kirti doesn't just focus on immediate needs but envisions a future where HR operations seamlessly integrate with evolving business dynamics. Incorporating a learning management system, travel management, and expense modules demonstrates a commitment to staying ahead of the curve. The partnership's strategic planning reflects an understanding that digital transformation is an ongoing journey, not a destination.

Words of Wisdom: Embracing Innovation

Kirti concludes with a poignant message for HR leaders, urging them to embrace innovation and explore partnerships beyond conventional boundaries. "The agility, cost-effectiveness, and unwavering commitment of partners like Akrivia HCM underscore the transformative power of collaboration," she emphasises. The journey of APAR Industries stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities that emerge when organisations dare to dream and innovate in the pursuit of excellence.

In conclusion, the partnership between APAR Industries Limited and Akrivia HCM exemplifies the transformative potential of strategic collaboration in modernising HR operations. From identifying challenges to charting a roadmap for the future, the journey reflects a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, setting a precedent for organisations embarking on a similar path of digital transformation in the dynamic landscape of human resources. As APAR Industries continues to evolve, this collaboration serves as a beacon for others, showcasing the power of innovation in reshaping the future of HR operations.

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