Article: Embracing technology and new relationships

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Embracing technology and new relationships

Workers have changed. Executive expectations have shifted. Will HR change with the times?
Embracing technology and new relationships

The next wave of HR transformation isn't a wave, but rather, a slow roll towards the inevitable embrace of technology and new relationships

There are pundits and thought leaders who are eagerly considering the next iteration of Human Resources without looking to the past and studying the slow and often tedious pace of change in the profession.   For the past forty years, global HR has assumed three primary roles: compliance director, corporate police officer, and the maternal role model for workers who are treated like children. Even when hiring the best and brightest workers across the globe, HR plays a tertiary role in a complex process that involves multiple stakeholders from across the enterprise. When finally asked to participate, HR contributes in ways that are tactical—such as the management of paperwork or the scheduling of interviews—instead of strategic and forward-thinking. The good news is that digital technology and social media have ushered in a new wave of thinking into the global economy. HR is now required to command people-related processes for a workforce that is younger and agiler. E...
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