Article: Emerging HR Tech Startups – Leena AI, Never Grow Up, Synergita

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Emerging HR Tech Startups – Leena AI, Never Grow Up, Synergita

Here's Synergita, Leena AI and Never Grow Up; detailing their product offerings and how they aim to solve specific talent challenges through technology
Emerging HR Tech Startups – Leena AI, Never Grow Up, Synergita

Continuing with our ongoing series on emerging HR tech startups, here is the next article which features three startups and their product offerings that provide solutions to HR challenges through technology. At this year's People Matters TechHR’17, a program was designed for 27 emerging HR Technology start-ups. The initiative aimed at providing a platform for start-ups and mentors including investors and senior HR and business leaders.


Startup name: Synergita

Incorporation: 2013

Team size: 20 to 50 people

Raised funding: Has not raised capital yet

Client size: More than 50 companies

About product offering: Synergita is a continuous feedback based employee performance and engagement software

Key problems being addressed: It aims to tackle appraisal stress, disengaged workforce, lack of employee analytics and transparency in Performance Management Space process

Elevator Pitch:

Annual appraisals are painful and long process. Synergita gives organizations the opportunity to automate the annual appraisal process and provides a continuous feedback mechanism. It's goal is to help create an engaged workforce and a high performing culture within the organization. A key point in being able to tackle engagement is the rise of millennials, who will be occupying 50 percent of the workforce very soon. These are the people who wouldn’t want to wait for an entire year to know about how they are working, and would want instant feedback. The features that are built in with Synergita help to get instant feedback from the manager, HR team and your peers. There is a structured process starting from employee goal setting, to continuous feedback, recognitions, check-ins; all of which culminates into annual review leading to holistic employee development. Currently, the company has 60+ analytical reports available within its software, and it is exploring the idea of bringing in artificial intelligence to make the reports more intelligent, so as to come up with predictive performance reports. It has also integrated with several platforms that are available in the market and is planning to integrate with other platforms like Oracle and Ramco in the future.


Startup name: Leena AI

Incorporation: 2015

Team size: 10 to 20 people

Raised funding: Yes, less than USD 250,000

Client size: Between 10 to 20 companies

About product offering: Leena AI aims to build a conversational AI platform to engage employees across multiple channels like Skype for Business, Slack, etc.

Key problems being addressed: Only 30% employees are engaged with the companies they work for. The cost impact of this level of disengagement is very high.

Elevator Pitch:

As per a Gallup estimate, 450-550 billion dollars are lost each year in the United States due to unhappy employees. Leena AI aims to address the challenge by becoming an intelligent HR buddy for the employees. It has 3-4 modules that together help solve the problem of employee engagement. It is designed to:-

1)    Enable continuous conversations with managers

2)    Schedule employee satisfaction dipsticks to find out what the employee is thinking

3)    Empower employees to build their careers from scratch via aspirations, and not via goal setting

4)    Provide automated HR services (over voice too) to resolve employee queries 

The company is also building a predictive analytics engine that would collect and process all the data from employee conversations (with managers or on the dipsticks) and provide a ‘heatmap’ to the HR in the backend, so as to allow them to know what is happening in the organization, and determine the problem areas.


Startup name: Never Grow Up

Incorporation: 2010

Team size: 10 to 20 people

Raised funding: Has not raised capital yet

Client size: Pilot in less than 5 companies as of now

About product offering: Happyness Quotient is a tool to measure what truly drives employees at work; and is rooted in psychology and engagement.

Key problems being addressed: It aims to address the need gap created by one size fits all tools, the time gap between administering and reporting, and that the survey questions are seldom connected to business.

Elevator Pitch:

Having been in the business for the last seven years and working with 30-40 clients, Never Grow Up came up with the product ‘Happyness Quotient’ after identifying some need gaps that existed in the market. Research suggests that the human attention span has come down to eight seconds (from 12 seconds earlier), which means that if an organization is trying to get feedback or drive engagement, it has very little time to engage the employee.  In addition to that, our workforce is evolving by the second; and organizations will have to get the next generation of employees (Gen Z) in line with the millennials, because they are seeing a generation gap already. Another observation is that most of the employee engagement surveys include straitjacketed questions which are a one-size fits all, and may or may not work with every industry, or level in an organization. Happyness Quotient intends to change that, by incorporating questions which are work-life related, and more fun. There is also a time gap between administering the survey and getting the report for it, which Happyness Quotient intends to change by keeping it real-time. It also has the option for ‘customized weightages’, wherein the organization can choose the weightages for the elements that matter to it, viz integrity or work-life balance. Finally, it lends flexibility to organizations by giving the choice of adding pillars, spacing out the survey questions over a month, sending them in batches, and providing live, downloadable online reports.              

(Note: This article is a series on HR Tech Startups that People Matters will publish in the next few days. There is no ranking involved. The information about start-ups is as per a submission and presentation by startups at the People Matters TechHR Spotlight program)

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