Article: Emerging HR Trends Decoded: A Snapshot of the SME HR Landscape

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Emerging HR Trends Decoded: A Snapshot of the SME HR Landscape

Emerging HR today is tasked with a host of critical tasks, chief among which are driving productivity, improving experience, agile upskilling, and retaining top performers. In a world with fast-evolving business conditions, how should HR leaders be prepared?
Emerging HR Trends Decoded: A Snapshot of the SME HR Landscape

Here’s something that might interest you:

9 in 10 companies today say HR tech solutions are crucial to driving talent results. Another 85% state that HR tech is necessary to drive EX, address their recruitment and skill demands, and improve performance management capabilities.

All interesting points, yes. But are they surprising?

We bet NOT.

However, here is something that just might be.

Despite all this emphasis on HR automation and strategic thinking, inefficient use of HR technology today is one of the biggest threats in front of HR leaders.

How then should companies across the SME sector future-proof their talent initiatives and build better ways to leverage HR technology?

Answers to those questions, among many others, were explored in great detail in the recently launched The People Matters and Keka’s Emerging HR Trends Atlas: Enabling Strategic Change for Growth.The report that delves deep into the current business landscape and explores the roadmap to HR empowerment. It is your guide to building impactful talent initiatives.

Hearing from more than 400 HR leaders across the board, the study found a resounding need to build employee-focused practices and leverage HR tech to drive both talent results and experience. Some snippets of findings from the report include:

In a world of rapidly changing technology ecosystems, skilling employees and retaining trained professionals have taken completely new definitions. For young and fast-growing companies, Emerging HR requires the right tools, skills, and mindset to drive productivity and become a strategic partner of their businesses.

To read more about the report and listen to top HR leaders on how they are building future-ready talent initiatives, download the complete report today!

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