Article: From engagement to performance: Leveraging HR Tech to revolutionise organisational culture and drive business outcomes

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From engagement to performance: Leveraging HR Tech to revolutionise organisational culture and drive business outcomes

HR-Tech tools and solutions play an integral role in empowering organisations to engage employees, drive performance, and manage well-being.
From engagement to performance: Leveraging HR Tech to revolutionise organisational culture and drive business outcomes

What does a young organisation do when it is growing and wants to hire people rapidly? What if it is a large corporation that wants to arrest a rising attrition rate? Or a mid-sized company wanting to build a more engaging and collaborative culture that reimagines employee well-being? Depending on the buy-in of the company’s top leadership in the initiative, the two options usually are to outsource the entire process or invest in a long-term solution. But choosing the right service provider or digital tool isn’t a straightforward task. There are many complex factors to consider, such as budget, usability, features, business requirements, data security, customisations, and scalability.

With these constraints, organisations usually opt for more linear and focused solutions that tend to focus on one HR sub-function. These tools typically include a host of features to help organisations streamline one aspect of people management. But an all encompassing solutions that seek to optimise different facets of HR is bound to yield more impactful results.

In this article, we dive into this further and highlight how Akrivia HCM’s full suite of HR tech solutions maximises employee performance, improves organisational culture, and drives business outcomes. 

Effective people management begins with recruitment

A tech-driven employee experience begins the moment an interested candidate expresses interest in working at your organisation. Having a comprehensive recruitment and candidate management solution can not only help you find talented employees but also build a positive candidate experience. Considering that a positive candidate experience can increase the chances of offer acceptance by 38% and makes candidates 66% more likely to refer others, this is an integral part of the journey many organisations fail to focus on adequately.

The Talent Suite by Akrivia HCM offers a streamlined and automated recruitment process that includes recruitment marketing, applicant tracking, talent pool management, and compliance. It simplifies talent coordination, facilitates communication, and engages candidates before joining. For rapidly growing organisations or urgent hiring requirements, the suite also offers bulk recruitment capabilities, which can help you schedule interviews directly with multiple candidates in bulk. You can also deliver consistent onboarding processes and content, creating a seamless experience for new employees. 

The best part? You get access to insightful recruitment data and analytical reports to make data-driven decisions and plan ahead. Visual dashboards can provide information on interviews, referrals, vacancies, and requisitions in configurable reports and offer predictive insights like time to hire, source a hire, or quality of hire.

Sustained engagement is key to a productive workforce

In a distracted and volatile world, building a workspace that facilitates collaboration, interaction, innovation, and employee well-being is vital for success. Considering that a highly engaged workforce can make an organisation 21% more profitable and result in quadrupling revenues, it’s a massive red flag that 85% of employees felt either unengaged or actively disengaged in 2022. Employee engagement includes a complex interplay of factors such as culture, communication, flexibility, leadership, rewards, and recognition, and it is critical for businesses to consciously design each element with care.

An all-inclusive tool, such as the Engagement Suite by Akrivia HCM, can help organisations understand their employees better and ensure holistic workforce well-being. The suite integrates engagement and wellness with everyday workflows to simplify implementation and measurement. 

By setting engagement parameters for different levels, you can measure data based on drivers, sentiment scores, and responses for every employee. Besides a net promoter score and sentiment analysis, you can also extract keywords using a smart NLP algorithm. 

The tool also makes it easier to celebrate successes by recognising great work through inviting nominations, simplifying reward customisation, and showing meaningful expressions of appreciation. By acknowledging the contributions of different employees and appreciating the effort they put in, this suite of awards can help incentivise and engage the workforce in a personalised and effective manner.

360-degree performance management empowers managers and people alike

Modern performance management needs to be timely, personalised, comprehensive, and specific. While the basic tenets of planning, mentoring, developing, rating, and rewarding performance stay the same, it is their execution that needs an overhaul to align with newer working models and arrangements. While revamping performance management has been identified as a key priority by most HR teams, 58% of businesses are still developing a plan or are yet to implement their makeover plan. The urgency of this transition cannot be stated enough, as 66% of companies using a continuous performance management model that aids more authentic depictions of employee struggles and successes are able to implement year-round productivity enhancement.

The Performance Suite by Akrivia HCM can help foster experiential growth by cultivating a work mindset that has higher self-awareness, adaptation, and value creation. The suite enables teams to set KPIs, achieve goals, reach targets, communicate performance expectations, and create action items from meetings. 

You can also integrate compensation with performance through an agile performance management system that uses intuitive and configurable modules. Managers can add private notes and actions to schedule reviews or development discussions to address performance issues before they arise. Managers can also easily track goals, share agendas, and create shared action items to elevate team performance. 

Finally, the leadership and HR team can make data-backed decisions based on a 360-degree feedback system that provides customized performance analytics reports at their disposal.

Building an employee-first HR framework backed by data-driven technology

Besides these suites, Akrivia HCM also has the Core HR, Payroll and Expenses, Talent, and Learning suites that, together, offer an end-to-end people management solution. These are all essential aspects of building an employee-centric workplace and HR framework that uses smart technology, analytical insights, and data-rich decision-making. 

If you are looking for a suitable HCM solution to elevate your employee experience or are considering migrating to a new one, Akrivia HCM, Asia’s top HCM software, has something for everyone. You can configure your HRMS exactly the way you want. Get in touch with Akrivia HCM today to learn more about their offerings and solutions. 

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