Article: Grow Smart: Accelerating digital growth in MSMEs

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Grow Smart: Accelerating digital growth in MSMEs

On this MSMEs Day, learn how you can fuel the growth and development of MSMEs through digital empowerment.
Grow Smart: Accelerating digital growth in MSMEs

In the last two years, MSMEs have been nudged to embrace digital ways of doing business and working. 

A new wave of digitisation and innovation has hit small businesses and, in the past 12 months, many of them have upgraded their technology with websites for consumer transactions and for listing products and services, and by scaling their back-end systems.

Going Digital Is No Longer An Option For MSMEs

To be able to thrive in the current competitive environment, small businesses need to accelerate their adoption of digital technology and improve business efficiency, people productivity, and performance. 

Manish Gupta, Vice President and GM, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies, India said, "By investing in smart IT choices, MSMEs can derive valuable insights from business-critical data and manage operations effectively while optimizing finances at the workplace. At the initial stages of a business, time and cost efficiency are of the essence to realise real-time success, resulting in the sustenance of the organisation."

"MSMEs must embrace digital technological innovation and start their digital journey since the globe is undergoing a wave of digital transformation., added Vishal Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of Synersoft Technologies. 

But where do they start? How do they choose the right technologies and solutions? How can small businesses streamline their people and work processes to drive better business results? Who owns the agenda of digitising business and work? How can HR teams and business leaders work together to create a stronger digital organisation? 

To help you build a roadmap towards a digital future for your small business, People Matters and Keka present an ebook titled, Grow Smart: Digitising HR & Maximising Potential for Fast-Growing Businesses, which explores ways to accelerate growth, enable the workforce, and improve organisational productivity.

Cross the Beginner Stage & Get A Checklist For HR

Download this eBook to get a complete 'Digital Transformation Checklist', which will help you identify the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks for employees and pick the pieces of talent management that have reached a dead-end on a pile of excel files. 

Also get insights on how progressive small businesses have scaled their processes and improved engagement by going digital. Get actionable ideas to adopt digital in your organisation. 

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