Article: Role of HR in digital transformation journey at IBM

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Role of HR in digital transformation journey at IBM

It is about delivering higher value to the clients and upskilling to perform better. Heres how IBM is doing this by fostering a data driven culture
Role of HR in digital transformation journey at IBM

With our workforce comprising 42 percent millennials, our people strategy now focuses on differentiated employee experience


Business imperatives have shifted to new areas like artificial intelligence, data scientist, security specialists, big data and analytics

Businesses are undertaking digital transformations, rethinking what customers value most and creating operating models that take advantage of what’s possible for competitive differentiation. Chief among forces for transformation are surge in devices for mobile connectivity, such as smart phones and tablets, and the creation of social networks. Such developments have created an exponential explosion in data, which, in turn, requires business analytics to make sense of the information and also take full advantage of it. The challenge for businesses is how fast and how far they can go on the path of digital transformation.  Implications for the organization IBM is agile and has devised new transformational initiatives to engage with its employees. Our guiding principle is to constantly enable every IBMer to embrace learning and build skills that are relevant and that can be leveraged for our clients. The principles of Design Thinking and agile mindset are slowly but surely ge...
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