Article: Sketchnote: How AI will humanize the workplace

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Sketchnote: How AI will humanize the workplace

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2018 is the year when technology and humans will converge to not only deliver more business success, but also bring humanity back to the workplace
Sketchnote: How AI will humanize the workplace

"There are two competing forces that are impacting the world of HR. On the one hand, the rate of social and business changes is accelerating, resulting in an ever more complex business environment. On the other hand, employees are pushing for even simpler, more engaging, and human-like experience from their enterprise applications. For HR to survive, they will need to leverage emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robots, and chatbots to support rapid business changes while delivering a superior employee experience." says Emily He, Senior Vice President, HCM Product Marketing, Oracle

Through this sketchnote, let’s explore some of the competing trends that will showcase the various ways AI will humanize the workplace.



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