Article: The digital enterprise: The next wave of HR transformation

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The digital enterprise: The next wave of HR transformation

True digital companies are not simply technology companies, they are completely changing the way they do business
The digital enterprise: The next wave of HR transformation

The HR function must shift its focus on technology away from implementing systems and tools to that of learning to leverage data


HR professionals should learn to become bold, understand the business well, push leaders toward culture & inclusion, and hone their craft as coaches, analysts, and consultants

It’s amazing to me how the world of digital has radically disrupted business. Nearly every company I talk with is working on ways to disrupt their business models, build apps and interactive new customer experiences, redesign their products and services, and figure out how to embrace the concepts of “digital” throughout their business. Our research and experience shows that true “digital companies” are not simply technology companies that build apps and leverage social networks. Rather they completely change the way they do business, embracing ideas like design thinking, iterative design, high degrees of customer listening (empathy), sensor-aware apps, MVPs (minimal viable products), hackathons, and a focus on getting things done quickly, using new digital tools, and iterating rapidly on behalf of customers. As we talk with more and more companies focused on this problem (most are worried about being disrupted by another more “digital” compet...
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