Article: The human factor in transformation: What leaders had to say in TechHR

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The human factor in transformation: What leaders had to say in TechHR

Here are three takeaways on putting the human experience at the center of your transformation journeys.
The human factor in transformation: What leaders had to say in TechHR

Digital transformation has been at the core of the conversation on the change in “How” HR delivers employee experience and builds business value. Over the past decade multiple technology trends have changed the HR Organisation – from the rise of SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud) to the recent phenomena of Generative AI. 

But at the core of these transformations lies the human factor. 

Despite technological advancements or procedural overhauls, genuine transformation emanates from the intrinsic motivations of individuals. Their collective dedication and resolve serve as the impetus behind any substantive change, translating inspiration into tangible outcomes that mould the future of work and organisations.

It's these conversations that animate the discussion in our annual HR Tech conference – TechHR. Here’s a quick recap from last year:

Vineet Nayar On the Disconnect Between Worship and Work

Vineet Nayar, former CEO of HCL Technologies, emphasises that limitations reside within the employee's mindset. True leadership, according to him, lies in recognising the uniqueness of each individual. In fact, they should worry less about cultural, structural, or policy issues. It involves igniting inspiration within each person and instilling a purpose so compelling that they are willing to scale peaks to achieve it.

Prof. Dave Ulrich Reflects on the Importance of Failure

Prof. Dave Ulrich, also fondly referred to as the father of Modern HR prompted us to reflect on our stance relative to failure. Are we feeling helpless or hopeful? Are we giving up or embracing progress? These questions lie at the core of many belief systems. However, they are also pertinent for HR leaders. Ulrich suggests that if we're not encountering failure, we're likely not advancing.

Dr Shashi Tharoor On the Interplay of Automation & Human Touch

Shashi Tharoor highlighted the importance of recognising the humanity and dignity of individuals, particularly in difficult situations such as delivering termination letters. While it may be efficient to just follow a bland process to fire employees quickly, Tharoor emphasises that it's essential to have a human conversation with people. He suggests that while certain tasks may be automated, preserving a human touch is crucial in such delicate matters.


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