Article: Indian HR Industry – 3 Disruptors for 2016

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Indian HR Industry – 3 Disruptors for 2016

Technology, automation and cloud are the big disruptors for the HR Industry
Indian HR Industry – 3 Disruptors for 2016

There is a preference for globally standardized processes as opposed to country-specific or company-specific models


The HR buyer has strong focus on efficiency-driven strategic approach and service providers are catering to this demand

The Global economic growth for 2015 is projected at 3.1 percent. Even as advanced economies show a moderate pace of economic recovery, emerging markets are still going through an ongoing adjustment followed by post crisis credit, investment boom and growth realignment in China. Global trade volumes have seen a slow growth in the years after the recession and businesses are strategizing to reduce cost and are increasingly focused on their profit margins. This has led to a boom in the merger and acquisitions space, as companies are focused on expansion and diversification of business. According to a study by Dealogic, globally, the M&A activity has reached a value of $3.24 trillion year on year, this is only a little short of the $3.43 trillion reached in 2007, just before the crisis. In the last one year alone, India has moved up by sixteen places to rank at 55th on the Global Competitiveness Index. The rise on the index is credited to improved macroeconomic environment. The areas ...
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