Article: We are launching APAC’s largest research on HR Transformation. Join now!

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We are launching APAC’s largest research on HR Transformation. Join now!

Join Alight Solutions and People Matters in this exclusive virtual session where they will launch the third edition of the State of HR Transformation Study focused on the theme ‘Adaptable HR’.
We are launching APAC’s largest research on HR Transformation. Join now!

The future of work is not something that happens to you, it is something you create for your company. Unfortunately, most leaders are still uncertain about how to do it.

Adaptability is the key! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on a trend that has been growing steadily over the recent months and years – adapting to the uncertainties. The time is now and it will likely remain a top-level need well into the future. We are both witnesses to and participants in a major shift in how work gets done. As we all process and plan for the realities and unknowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic, organizations also need to adapt quickly.

The third edition of the Alight Solutions' State of HR Transformation Study in partnership with People Matters focuses on the theme “Adaptable HR”, as talent and the community at large face an unprecedented situation triggered by the COVID-19 crisis. This is Asia Pacific’s largest study on the State of HR Transformation that shows how being Adaptable is no longer a choice, it is imperative; it is inevitable. Everything at the workplace is undergoing a dramatic transformation and interestingly, what could have been a reality of the future, has now become the present.

Join Ester Martinez, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of People Matters and Shaswat Kumar, Asia Leader– Advisory, Payroll & Cloud Solutions, Alight Solutions, as they launch the key findings of Asia Pacific’s largest study on HR Transformation.

This virtual live research launch will cover:

  • What does transformation mean to HR during situations like a pandemic?
  • What does Adaptable HR mean in today’s context?
  • How do you combine HR’s Service Delivery Model, Digital tools and Disciplined Governance to drive success?
  • How do organizations create an effective agenda for HR in times of crisis?
  • Top findings of the research

About the research

This year, the study delved deep into how the HR function is gearing up for changing business expectations and getting ready to deliver outcomes in an era that is dominated by employee experience, rapid business model changes, and effective adoption of digital and maturing data science.

The exclusive launch will address the following key findings :

  • The focus of HR Transformation is all about enabling business transformations
  • Combination of HR operating model, digital tools and disciplined governance drives success
  • HR function always had clarity on HR’s effectiveness agenda, yet the top gaps remain consistent
  • Digital is key for HR to deliver on both employee experience and compliance
  • HR Organizations’ pure 3 pillar HR model is a myth;  think through "model-specific" roles
  • HR Technology satisfaction improves as buying behavior changes
  • Robotics and cognitive technologies are a huge opportunity to tap on but this requires readiness and maturity within organizations
  • Governance is HR’s Achilles Heel
  • Tipping points for HR are moving targets. Strong execution will move these themes from ideation and conference speak to the reality
  • HR teams with ambition in aspiration and humility in execution will be successful


The study combines data captured via a survey that saw participation from over 2,200 respondents, and observations of Alight Solutions in the space of HR Transformation. For the purpose of reporting the findings, only those responses that were complete to about 80% have been considered in the study. All responses are confidential and have been reported as non-identifiable aggregates.

Why should you attend the launch of Asia Pacific’s largest study on HR Transformation?

Join Alight Solutions and People Matters as they launch Asia-Pacific’s largest study on HR Transformation on 21st May 2020. Attending this launch will help you to take a good look at your current HR strategy and craft a holistic approach towards adaptive HR. 

Here are a few more takeaways for participating in the launch:

  • Usher in the decade with the longevity of getting transformation right
  • Learn more about the tipping points for HR
  • Gain insights about redesigning the HR Operating Model to complement technology
  • Learn how to craft the right roles for HR to enhance the adaptability quotient
  • Benchmark your organization with your peers in this transformation journey


Register here to become a part of this exclusive launch of Alight Solutions’ and People Matters’ State of HR Transformation Study. By registering for this launch, you will become eligible for a free copy of this research.

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