Article: When words and actions are aligned to each other

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When words and actions are aligned to each other

Editorial for May 2011 issue
When words and actions are aligned to each other

While we have heard CEOs talking about the importance of talent as a competitive advantage for their organizations, we have also seen instances when people expenses have been considered as costs and not as investments. The People Matters CEO Survey 2011 reveals that this trend is changing and talent management is a top priority in the CEOs’ business agenda.
Business leaders are walking the talk by committing individual time to talent activities and by having talent targets and metrics on their own scorecards. This might not be the case at the same level across the board. Many business houses believe that it is still early days for their organizations in terms of the maturity of their talent management practices. But we believe that the pace at which these companies will catch up to the best people practices standards will be unprecedented. The pressures of fulfilling growth prospects in a challenging talent environment like India do not leave many alternatives.
In this May issue, we release the “CEO as the Chief Talent Officer” study 2011, conducted by People Matters & This study includes views from over 100 CEOs across industries and company sizes to reveal how they are investing their individual time and effort in building people-centric organizations.
In alignment to the importance that CEOs are placing on the people agenda, the importance of the HR function is also moving to the forefront accordingly. In this issue, we cover the recent PeopleStrong roundtable on the topic “HR Transformation: What’s Inside?” and summarize the key findings of the session as a complement to the cover story. In the roundtable conversation, PeopleStrong engaged senior professionals across functions and domains to share their views on the future of the HR function as a strategic differentiator for organizations.
This action-packed issue, we also bring to you conversations with the leadership team at Mercer on the future of managing talent and an exclusive interview with Linda A. Hill from Harvard Business School on her newly launched book “Being the Boss”. In our regular sections, Elango R. shares the next chapter on career management with his take on how investing in career with a long-term view will create long-lasting benefits of wealth and health; and Vivek Paranjpe shares his thoughts and recommendations on the real-life challenges raised by our readers.
From this issue onwards, we also introduce a new section on “Creating Great Workplaces” by the Great Place to Work® Institute. This section will carry the insider story of CEOs who have created great workplaces in their organizations which will serve as a great learning for aspiring companies.
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