Article: Policy makers must choose youth over trade unions: Manish Sabharwal


Policy makers must choose youth over trade unions: Manish Sabharwal

Manish Sabharwal, CEO, TeamLease
Policy makers must choose youth over trade unions: Manish Sabharwal

Let us not dishonor the death of Awanish Kumar Dev at Maruti and Roy George at Pricol and Lalit Kumar Choudhary at Graziano Tranmissioni earlier – by silly explanations like the attitude of Japanese companies on trade unions, the specificities of the automobile industry, the impulsive and physical instincts of the Jat community, the difficult transition from farm to non-farm jobs and much else. All of these were criminal acts and in the short run, this must be pursued as the senseless and pre-meditated murder they were. In the medium term, policy must do what it can to unpack the combustible cocktail of criminalization of politics and politicization of trade unions. This can only happen by ensuring trade unions represent workers and making it difficult for outsiders to pursue their agenda. In the long run, India must pray to the one God of non-farm, organized job creation. Our current labor law regime not only violates the fundamental right of every Indian to work, but retards organized sector job creation, encourages capital substitution of labor and creates a labor aristocracy. A huge vested interest in perpetuating the current labor law regime has developed and nobody cuts the tree they are sitting on and change will never come from people who gain from the status quo. But policy makers must choose youth over trade unions and organized labor and recognize that without employers there are no employees. 

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