Article: Friends in the workplace: Survey


Friends in the workplace: Survey

Here is what motivates an employee at work?
Friends in the workplace: Survey

Through this survey, Wildgoose wanted to find out whether friendships in the workplace were as highly regarded as they used to be and to understand what employees really want from their office relationships.

Following were the key aim of this research study:

  1. The aim of this survey was to find that does having a friend in the office increase work productivity.

  2. Another objective was to find out the reactions of those people who do not have a friend in office and whether they want to have one or not.

Following were the key findings of this research study:

  1. 61% of workers would choose happiness at work over salary, with 81% of females voting that way, compared with 45% of males.

  2. 11% surveyed revealed they currently didn’t have a best friend at work, but would ideally like one.

  3. When asked about having a best friend in the office, 57% said it makes work more enjoyable, with productivity and creativity increasing also.

  4. 57% of respondents said it makes work more enjoyable with 32% saying they were more productive and 22% feeling more creative when having a good friend around in the office.

  5. 38% responded saying they don’t have a best friend at work, but 11% of those would like one


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