Article: How is your organization tracking attendance?


How is your organization tracking attendance?

Organizations have their own unique systems based on their needs and requirements and the level of sophistication will also vary
How is your organization tracking attendance?

When an organization is growing, it needs to start putting together discipline around when workers come in and go and how long they work. Almost every organization’s journey from a small organization to a mid-sized to a large organization has a similar story. From logging attendance with pen and paper to highly evolved biometric attendance systems, these systems introduce discipline in the way an organization operates and functions. The modern-day workforce has become dispersed. A percentage of the employee population is mobile as some work out of remote locations and there are flexi-working arrangements. In such a complex environment, how does a company choose which attendance tracking mechanism is the best? Every organization has unique requirements from its attendance tracking system. An organization chooses to work with a particular attendance tracking system based on its need and requirement. Different systems have different levels of sophistication and cater to different needs. The following table provides a comparison.

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