Article: Skills for Future Jobs: Technology & the future of work in India


Skills for Future Jobs: Technology & the future of work in India

A report by Quest Alliance in support with Tandem Research and Microsoft Philanthropies reveals what are the core skills and how they will allow for the development of meaningful and sustainable career pathways.
Skills for Future Jobs: Technology & the future of work in India

What if we tell you that many jobs would no longer be available in near future and many others would be transformed anew? This era of rapid digitalization and advancements demands upgradation into latest technology and skill sets in order to stay in the competition. 

Quest Alliance in partnership with Tandem Research and supported by Microsoft Philanthropies,  released a White Paper which talks about the importance of the skill sets required in India and how enhancing the quality of training would take your career a long way.

Main focus areas of the report were:

  • Technological Displacement and Job Futures

  • Skills for Future Jobs 

  • Call to Action 

Here are the key takeaways from the report:

  • Enhancement in learnability is crucial for a 360-degree progress by focusing on the fundamental knowledge

  • Creative skills and human communication will set new heights in the service sector

  • Revamping the design and delivery of skill programs with regards to gender exclusionary practices 

  • Data Science and Data fluency would play a major role in the digital economy 

You can download your copy of the full white paper here.


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