Article: The Psychology of Job Search


The Psychology of Job Search

Indeed shares insights on job seeker behavior and the psychology behind job search in a talent-driven economy
The Psychology of Job Search

90% of people hired within the past year actively looked for a job within six months prior to being hired. Hence, it’s imperative to understand how to hire skilled talent who are actively searching for a job.

Indeed carried out a research to understand the dynamics of recruitment of appropriate and skilled talent.

Main focus areas of the research:

  1. Main interest areas of the modern job seeker 

  2. Patterns of career decisions made by the employees

  3. Why most people are considered “active” candidates

Key takeaways:

  1. The science behind decision making

  2. How recruiting active candidates can bring you better talent at a lower cost

  3. Strategies to shape your talent pipeline with inbound recruiting

Download the report from here.

Topics: #Jobs, #Infographics, Talent Management

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